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Updated website manager: what’s different?

Your new site manager comes with some very handy new things, so to make them work optimally there are also a few things that will change. Here’s a quick overview of the changes ahead, so you’ll feel right at home in your new website builder

simpler navigation

Meddlesome middle menus...

To streamline the menus, we’ve removed the middle menu section - its links to the currently-managed website (on the left) and services (on the right) have been reorganized elsewhere.


The sites menu

Your websites menu

The sites menu displays the title of the website you’re currently working on, and its drop-down menu lists recent sites you’ve worked on (click one to switch sites), together with links for managing the webmasters of your sites (moved from the Settings menu).

The link to display your current site in a browser is also making a move upwards, to the right of the “sites” menu (via the aptly titled “View site” link).


The services menu 

Site services menu

Site subscription services, like domain names, doombyPLUS, and the full feature-set for your online store are moving to their own menu, in the top menu bar.

Current subscriptions are listed separately from unsubscribed services, and a handy reminder icon is displayed in the menu title whenever a service needs renewing.


The account menu

Account management menu

All links for managing your account are still located within the one menu, and are now joined by the Friends link. Regrouping account services with the Friends features simplifies account management tasks.

You'll also find the log-off or account disconnect link located in the account menu.


File storage

The File management menu

Site files and images added to pages remain accessible via the File storage menu, which has joined the other site content management links in the lower site management menu bar.

Moving the file storage to the lower menu bar means all content, for whatever website you're working on, is now located together in the one place.

With a few well-targeted touch-ups to the look and feel of the manager, and some serious changes under the hood, you’re going to get a whole lot more out of the new site manager.

Enjoy – it’s our way of wishing a happy holiday season to you (see you in 2013 for some really great new stuff!).


  • Denise Robinson

    Not sure if this email contact is valid as a feeling doomby has changed, I made a free website 2013 and due to work and family pressures had to put my counselling work on hold.

    I'm now in a position to take forward and rebrand and relaunch my business and have a new name and email, am I able to still use my website and change my email address with you for the website?

    Also looking at slight changes for seo and would like prices please, I cannot remember my user name and password to get into the manager.

    My new business name is now Shire Talking Therapies and email is

    Many thanks


    Sent from my iPad

    On 23 May 2013, at 13:37, <> wrote:

    Welcome to

    Hello Denise Robinson,

    Welcome to - it's great to have you with us!

    Your account has now been created, and you're ready to start managing your website.

    To get off to a good start, download the user guide (1.2MB). It's designed to help you - step by step - as you begin making your website on

    You can sign in to your new website manager and begin making your first pages right away - here's your account codes:

    Username: denise-robinson
    Password: crossstitch

    Sign in address:

    If you need help at any time using the site manager, you'll find a host of resources available online, like the FAQ, tutorials and forum. And if you'd prefer to get help from the team, just contact us. To get help at any time, just head to the Help menu of the site manager (your online website administration tool).

    See you soon on!
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    • michelle
      Hello Denise, Yes you can use the same site or create a new one. IF you are planning on getting a domain name then you may use the existing website and you will keep any of the SEO that was with it, and improve on the existing SEO to push the new Shire Therapies. IF you were not planning on getting a new domain name then you will need to create a new website. This is done simply by creating a new site with the same account. To change the account email, you may do this from the Account menu in the top right-hand corner to then change the account settings and put in your new email. We responded as well to the email sent to the support team. Happy Webbing

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