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Google fonts came to our CMS

On 17/04/2019

In Website design

Emyspot offers hundreds design options that allows to create your dreamed website. The typography election is one of them. Now, emyspot users are able to personalize even more their website by adding Google Fonts to their site settigns and use them in the blog and colums system.

Fonts for the web with Google Fonts

Launched in 2010 Google Fonts service (previously named Webfonts) offers a free web typography directory. In this catalog you will find the most used fonts on internet such as: Roboto, Open Sans, Lato, Montserat and Roboto Condensed.

Inserting Google Fonts into an emyspot website has been possible for a long time. But now we offer an easier solution through the website settings.

Google fonts

How to add Google Fonts on Emyspot?

We simplified the website customisation process. Now you can add in a few clicks one or more Google Fonts to your content.

Once you have added a new font to your website settings, you can select it directly from the Visual Editor by clicking on the Font drop-down list, for example. You can find it at the Visual Editor as soon as you start to create content. As an example, we added the Cabin font to our website settings.

Cabin Font

This new option is available for all the templates proposed in our tool. However, depending in which emyspot offer the user have subscribed, they will have different possibilities:

  • For the Free Version websites: Only one font can be added to the website.
  • For the PRO offers subscribers: They can add up to five fonts to the website.

Add a Google Fonts to your website

To add a new font to your website, go to Settings > Global settings > Google Fonts. Choose one of the fonts suggested or use the Search font tool.

Apply a Google Font to your template

Once you have added one or more fonts to your website, you will find them under the Settings > Design menu, where you can apply them directly to the entire website.

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