How to make a website?

With emyspot, anyone can make a website - free and easy - and have fun while they do! Best of all, you don't have to be a computer or HTML expert. emyspot helps you create a website step-by-step, with simple, clear instructions and easy-to-use website builder tools.

Choosing your website design, adding titles, colors, menus and content like text, photos and videos is as simple as pointing and clicking.

We've made it easy so anyone can create a website that's interactive, and that your visitors will love!

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Making a website : How it works

Step OneI create my free account

Adding my name and my email address. Then choosing the Login username and password

Step TwoChoose your web address and fill in info


Step ThreeManage your website

Using free tools.

Create your own website, it's easy and fast. With emyspot all you need to think off is what sort of content you want to share through the website.

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