Make a member community on your site

Making a website allows your content, photos, texts, videos, pages to be seen by a large public and create buzz ! Go further and create a member community, and allow your members to create a member profile, to chat with other members, and contribute to your site by way of forums, comments or even adding content...

Make a Member Website

Create member profiles

Once you have activated the member space, and your members have signed up, you can have a member profile page automatically created for them ! They can easily find other members as well with the member directory. On your member profiles, post information given by your members, for instance, the avatar and username. After you can personalize the profiles further, allowing for extra member information to appear on the profiles collected during the sign-up process, to ensure full profiles !

Members can then post comments on each others pages to have stronger community bonds ! Of course, all these options are only activated at your desire.

Get chatting with Chatbox

Increase member visibility and interaction and allow members to talk to one another via chat. Our attractive chat interface allows you to talk with members, whether a group chat or a one on one message, not only that, your messages can be consulted after, so nothing falls through the cracks.

A perfect compliment to a discussion forum, chat is a key element to creating a web community, emyspot allows you to easily activate these functions !

In addition, you can show off the participation on your site with our free widgets designed for displaying the last comments posted.

Make your community site interactive and inviting

Create a site dedicated to your members, and integrate features specially adapted for the members area.

Members could :

  • Acces the discussion forum as a moderator
  • Post comments on the blog, add photos, or pages, and other content as a privileged member
  • Edit thier member profile at any moment

More from member space


Each member can have different privileges, ranging from member to webmaster, create your community as you want, enlisting help of other members as you need. Give a member responsibility of the forum, another of photos. Registered members can :

  • View the member list and edit members' details.
  • Choose forum moderators.
  • Attribute blog posting rights to selected members - you can elect whether or not these posts require your approval before publication.
  • Choose to restrict forum participation, photo album, page and blog comments to connected members only.

Ensuring visitors are registered - and their identity verified - when visiting your website ensures they can:

  • Access exclusive site content
  • Connect to the forum as an authenticated member
  • Post comments on the blog, or on photos and pages whilst signed in
  • Communicate with other members via an integrated site chat
  • View other members' profiles and leave messages on their profile pages
  • Post articles to your blog if you've chosen to make a blog and use it collaboratively
  • Access selected items in your online store
  • View private documents and images