Create a website with a members' spot

Activate a space on your website with our built in tool dedicated to your member community. Share information with your members with our built-in tools enhanced for flawless communication. Create member profiles, authorize

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How to create a member's only spot

More than a simple a space to see protected content, the members spot offers necessary tools to create a member community on your website. Display member profiles, post comments, or let the communicate directly in chat: our options make creating a spot dedicated to your users and members to give your website a community feel.

Reserve access to certain content

If you need to block certain content, you can protect the access to this content or entire pages. If you need to go even further in specializing content access, you can pick and choose who exactly has access by creating member groups. This ensures you have control over who sees what!

This is useful when creating a family website or a marriage website to keep photos and information for only those close to you. This is also extremely useful for a club website or an association website, to effectively communicate information to members.

Make a website, and manage it collaboratively

Add multiple webmasters to your site. Whether you have a corporate or e-commerce website, or a site for your community group or association, or even a family website, it can be a challenge to manage your site and content single-handedly. Create additional webmaster accounts to share site management tasks. You control what kind of site content each webmaster can and can’t manage.

  • your choice to activate this feature or not
  • you control who and what can be modified
  • you can choose to modify the proposed content before published

Fine-tune your member spot

The advanced settings allow you to choose the functions of your members that you wish to activate, or not. In addition, you can activate member sign-up from your site and modify your member space no matter the moment.

Other settings allow you to choose the profile information displayed for each member, define the allowed text that appears on the sign-up page, on the connection page, and the members homepage.

Finally, manage your members from the site administrator: edit the account, validate the sign-in, add a member, create a member group...

Personalize the sign-up form

You can adapt the sign-up form in order to demand the information you find necessary. This includes our default fields (name, email, username...) and add personalized fields(with the choice of text fields, multiple choice, scroll down list...).

This information can be put in a helpful list can be used after for referencing user information or by analysing using Excel.

Add a discussion forum

Communicate further by grouping the member area and the website forum together and create a full and interactive forum. With the member area, you can name members site mods of the forum. The new mods can edit comments, moving comments, erasing, or even responding.

You can also choose who has access to each forum, to better manage internal and external communication.

Available as soon as you make a website

Automatically you can have member spaces when you create your site: member sign-up, member profiles, comments and discussions..

Yet, they are some advanced settings that are available only on the VersionPLUS (only 3.75 € a month !) : this activates chat, restricting access, personalizing sign up forms, blog, and interactive planning.

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