Make a site with online booking or reservation

Wanting to create a website that showcases your hotel, room letting, or Bed and Breakfast? The Booking add-on is designed to make life easier when organising and managing your rental. Whether your clients need to book vacation rentals, bike rentals or schedule appointments on your website, the Booking add-on is designed to help you get things up and running in no time.

The Booking add-on is free, enabling you to publish a single kind of rental, and add options to it.

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Why use the Booking add-on?

The booking add-on allows you to propose reservation daily or hourly for your rentals !

You can define the settings for each rental : the number of reservations, the price, and the hours when open, or more specifically when the lobby is open, and any of the information you deem necessary. The page for each rental displays an availability calendar with rates and occupancy information clearly indicated.

Present your rentals beautifully !


Add photos to show off your rental, configure a Goole Map to clearly indicate the address, add details with rich descriptions and content, inform clients of practical information( capacity, size, amenities, rental agreement...)

Fine-tune the reservation system to fit your needs


Easily communicate the specificities of your rental.

Jot down the days or the periods that you are closed, display the hours you are open depending on the day, as weekend hours tend to differ from those during the week, if you have multiple reservation methods and need to halt your online reservation... all this and more can easily be done from the Booking add-on.

Add booking deals


You can propose deals for online booking. You can specify reservations details even further, like pets allowed, cleaning services, extra bedding.. regardless of the option or price you can easily configure options with the bookings add-on

Online paying


Using the online booking add-on, the client can complete the booking all from your website. Better yet, you can offer different payment options, like pay-in-full, pay-on-arrival and define the booking fees. Payment can be done by credit card, Paypal, checks, wire transfer...

Easily manage reservations and bookings


The interface makes managing and organising bookings a cinch. You can follow reservations that are upcoming or those awaiting payment. You can easily see bookings from a clear bookings calendar. With the option of automatically updating clients, changing or confirming a reservation becomes simple.

Make a Website

The reservation add-on is helpful to...

Vacation rentals, Bed and Breakfast, cabins, campsites


This add-on is ideal for a house, a cabin or a vacation rental. Define your price (by periods, tourist season, downtime) the periods one can book,...

It is easy to add a seasonal rental with all its respective information.

Renting a conference or a concert hall


Allow visitors to reserve a concert hall, a marriage hall, an office, or a computer lab easily. Simply provide the dates and times your space is available, and the price. With a convenient calendar, one can see the whole week, month, or year, in order to reserve a date that works for everyone.


Appointments : Hairdresser, Dentist...


Make an online appointment, directly on your website. Whether a hairdresser, a beautician, a doctor, or any type of online store. Users can easily see availabilities and reserve online.


Services : plumber, cleaning, gardening...


The reservation add-on is useful for all services (plumbers, cleaning, landscaping, etc...) as site visitors can reserve a time and a date, specify the place, and note if there are any special requests.

Available with the FreeVesion

Try the free version for as long as you like, and add a Business subscription if and when you need it. Here's an overview of the differences between the free Booking add-on and Business to help you decide which version is right for you.

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