Make an online form

It's a breeze to make a contact form (or any form) when you make a free website or a pro website with emyspot - it's the ideal way to let your visitors contact you by e-mail or provide feedback. It only takes a few moments to personalize the form and adapt it to your needs or public, making it perfect to create a registration form, a feedback form or a customer service form.

Make a Contact Form


Why make a contact form?

These days, it's almost impossible to publish an e-mail address online without it being almost instantly subjected to thousands of spam e-mails.

Making an online contact form ensures your visitors can contact you easily, without you then being swamped by spam.

You can quickly adapt and personalize all forms to suit your needs, be it a contact form, a newletter form, or a member form.


Make a form : the possibilities are endless


emyspot allows you to create as many forms as you need, a contact form is an excellent start - but if you want to go further each form can be personalized. For example, when making a company site you may want to create an order form, a return form, in addition to a more standard contact form.

The emyspot interface easily creates and manages multiple forms !

Personalize your forms


Each form that you make, you will be demanding new and different information. For example when creating a member space, you may want to ask their hobbies, what interested them, who referenced them.

The form creation lets's you decide detailed and personalized information for each form. Be it a one line text field, a multi-line text field, required, or optional information you can easily create a form adapted to each situation.

More choices : Different field types


Add fields that integrate different response types, ranging from classic text, scroll menus, or a tick box, or even multple choice.

You can also allow people to attach documents to the form.

Guide your users


Make the navigation of your form simple and coherent creating a clear theme with categories and titles.

Help even further by displaying a date picker, or an agenda so when picking dates the choice is even easier.

Choose where you recieve your form


You can choose where and how you receive forms that have been completed by users. You can access the information received via your forms directly from your site manager, together with status information for each one (such as untreated or treated, etc.)

You'll also receive copies of your contact forms by email.

Forms with multiple destinations


For each form you can choose the recipient. Thus, if you created a form concerning member inscription, you can send it to your member space or to a welcome service.

Each form can be addressed to multiple recipients.