TeamMulti-user site management

Creating a successful website can take a lot of time and effort. If you need to share the tasks related to managing you website and its content, add additional webmaster accounts and choose which kind of content each webmaster can manage.


Creating new site webmaster accounts

To add a new site webmaster, you’ll first need to ensure they have an account.

Each webmaster can create their own account on, or you can create accounts for them right from your site manager.

To create a new site webmaster account, or add an existing account as a webmaster of your site, head to the Site > Site webmasters menu at the top left of the site manager.

Add an existing webmaster account

To add an existing webmaster to your site, click New webmaster.

Ensure you select the Existing account type, then either enter the person’s account username, or click Browse to select a user from your Friends’ list, or from a list of Recent contacts (people with whom you’ve exchanged messages recently, via the site Messaging features).

You can either choose to enable their account immediately, or to leave the account disabled for the time being.

Click Save to add the user’s account as a webmaster of your website.

Create a new webmaster account

To add someone as a webmaster who doesn’t yet have an account on, you can create an account for him or her from the site manager.

Click New webmaster, then select the New account button, and then fill in their details.

Ensure the email address you provide for their account is correct – at the end of the account creation process, they’ll receive an email containing their account details. The email will also include their account password, which is created for them automatically.

Click Save when you’re finished.

Managing webmaster authorizations

Each webmaster account you add to your site can be controlled from your site manager: you choose which content they can manage, and which content they can’t.

By default, when you add a new webmaster their account will be enabled automatically, and they’ll have full rights to all site content.

To change their authorizations, edit them from the Site > Site webmasters menu by clicking the Manage authorizations link to the right of their username of the webmaster whose authorizations you'd like to view or edit.

Authorizations you can apply to each site webmaster fall under 2 categories: site content, and general site settings.

Setting site content add-on authorizations

To the right of each of the currently enabled add-ons, you can choose whether to allow the account to control various types of settings related to that content:

  • View content – permission to view the content for that add-on
  • Manage options – permission to change the Options for that add-on
  • Manage content – permission to publish, unpublish, add, delete or move content for that add-on (like a page, a blog post or a product in your online store)
  • Manage comments – permission to can manage (publish, unpublish or delete) comments for that add-on

Setting global site authorizations

To the right, you can enable or disable access rights to control various settings related to the website:

  • Settings – permission to edit and change site settings (under the Settings menu)
  • Marketing – permission to manage the features of the Marketing menu, like site members and newsletters
  • Manage subscriptions – permission to add or renew services for the website, like VersionPLUS, Domains and the E-commerce solution
  • Storage space – permission to add, move and delete files in the site storage space

NB: If you need a webmaster to add site content in an add-on, like Pages or the Blog, you’ll need to enable their authorizations for the Storage space to ensure they can add images or other files to the pages or other content they create.

Communicating with site webmasters

As the site administrator, you can publish a message in the site manager for other webmasters, to keep them informed of what’s going on.

The message will appear at the top of the site manager homepage (dashboard) for each webmaster when they connect.

To add or change this message at any time, head to the Site > Site webmasters > Site administrator's message menu.

Each site webmaster can communicate with other site webmasters (including you, the site administrator) using the Messages menu at the top of their site manager, by sending a message to the username of the other webmaster.

A webmaster = a site manager

Each webmaster connecting to their account will have their own site manager; they’ll be able to access the content you’ve enabled from their authorization settings.

If they have additional (existing) websites of their own, they’ll have full access to all the features of their site manager for their websites (they’ll select which site they’re working on from the Sites menu).

All the menus related to their account, like the Messages menu, will contain only their own messages – they won’t have access to your account settings or messages.