Create a site with multiple webmasters

Making a website does not have to be done alone: an association, an enterprise, between friends, or even family can help during any process of your website creation. Each webmaster you assign can have tasks. Have a team photographer that adds the images, or a skilled writer to help with page creation, your decide. You control what kind of site content each webmaster can and can’t manage. emyspot simplifies collaboration.

Make a website


Add site webmasters

Creating webmaster accounts means collaborating on site management. Each webmaster account appears in your site manager, and you can adjust content access settings for each account. Delegate blog posting and site comment management to a colleague, or hand control over the photo album to a family member.


Track the changes

The activity log notes what was changed and by who, so you can track all the modifications on your page.

This log is available for all of the site, or add-on by add-on, for each unique webmaster, or even for each content.

Track the changes and follow the evolution of your site and the webmaster actions.


Tools for communicating

Working collaboratively means everyone needs to know who is doing what. A built-in messaging system, complete with site notice board, means every webmaster stays in touch with what’s happening, all the time.