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At emyspot we have our own mail service that comes with the subscription to Domain Name Pro. You can create up to 10 email addresses linked to your domain name. For example Access to webmail is included in the Domain Name Pro subscription, but also allows for POP, IMAP and SMTP protocols (so that you can configure your email account manually with another service).

In this tutorial, we will see how to create an account in the manager, and use the webmail to send and receive emails.


In creating a domain name you have the option to create personalized email addresses. You can create up to 10 email accounts to better communicate. For example, to make an email address for visitors to contact you, you could create To do this, you will find all the settings necessary at Settings > Global Settings> Domain Names. Creating a personalized email is a great way to solidify your site's activity and create clear branding.

From here, you will click on add an account and will be guided through the process. If you need more help, we recommend that you read the tutorial : create an email.

Congratulations you have just created an email account! Now you just need to choose your service to send and receive your emails, and the choice is yours!

Use webmail 

Webmail is an intuitive basic online messaging system which you can use to send and receive emails with your personalized email address. At emyspot you can use yor login and password to manage your emails. This service can be found easily at

  • The key advantage of webmail is that you can connect to your account no matter the device if there is an internet connection. When you use webmail there is no configuration necessary. You do not have to pass by SMTP, IMAP or POP protocols to use your email address to send or receive emails.
  • The inconvenience is that there is only the allotted space of 1GO for your emails accounts. This means you will regularly need to clean and manage your inbox, to ensure that you have not surpassed the allotted space.

Meet up in Settings > Global settings > Domain names

Create a new email account or check your passwords of each email account in one place on your manager. All this information can be found and modified in Settings > Global settings > Domain names (you will see the intuitive interface below, click on manage next to the domain name of your choice).


Connect to webmail

When you go to and put in your login and the password. The email service that we use at emyspot which is based on Zimbra. You will put in your email for the username the associated password.

Mail webmail 1

Use another mailing service

An alternative to the free webmail service, is to configure you email address on your existing email service, which will allow you for example to receive and send mail on Outlook or on your smartphone through an application.

  • The advantage is that you can manage your mail without a limit to your storage space on the server.
  • The inconvenience is that it is more technical to configure for a begginner webmaster. You will have to correctly configure your server settings (IMAP, SMTP, POP).

Thankfully the emyspot support team helps you configure your email account of your choice with the tutorials available. Let's start with some definitions.

Definitions and access to mail servers

  • A message service : is a program that is installed on your computer (or an aplication) that allows you to recieve and send messages. The most well known are Thunderbird, Outlook or even Windows Mail. Choose you preferred service ! 
  • SMTP :  is a communication protocol to send messages to a messenger service. To configure the SMTP, you will need to consult your message service and provide the following information, specifically at, with the  port 465 ticking the option "Security SSL/TLS"
  • POP and IMAP: these protocols let you receive messages to your message service.  You will choose POP or IMAP. IMAP is similar to POP,  which will allow you to access the messages on your preferred service or multiple message services. We recommend you choose the option IMAP, in which the server is :, the port 993 and once again tick the option "Security SSL/TLS"

You can find this information easily by going to your manager into Settings > Global settings > Domains. Click on "Manage" and to the tab "Servers"