How to take a screenshot?

What is a screenshot? It is an instant image capture of a page at the moment you take it. When you need help on emyspot (online support), we often ask you to send a screenshot so that we can better analyse and understand the situation.

As you know, not every computer displays a page in the same way, due to different navigators or systems a screenshot is extremely useful to help you at a distance. You won't need a camera to capture the screen. Instead we walk you through the simple process in two minutes.


Adjust the screen to show what you want and 3,2,1, Capture

Once you have arranged the screen as you want, push on the keyboard key PrintScreen (Typically found on the type right of the keyboard, above the number pad.


Save the screenshot as an Image

Do not worry if nothing appeared on the screen, as soon as the PrintScreen key is pushed, you have taken a "photo" of you screen.

So how do you access and save the screenshot? You need to have a program that can process images. Be it as simple as Paint or Word, to Adobe Illustrator you can save your screenshot.

Open Paint(or the program you use to process images) on your computer. Click on "Edit > Paste". Your screenshot will appear. From here you can touch up the image as you please. The final step, and the most important is to Save. We reccommend you save as a .jpeg on your computer (File > Save as..).

Are you a Mac user?

For those who use MAC, the method is not the same. You will need to push on CMD + 3 to capture the screenshot. There is no extra work, as the image saves automatically on your desktop in .png.

How to use the capture tool of Windows7 and +

On Windows 7, there is a useful tool installed by default on the computer.

All you need to do is find it, by going to Start > All Programs > Accessories.

You will be able to choose the size and zone of your screenshot, with the help of your mouse, and save your screenshot in an image format.