Getting started : learn to make your website

Learn how to make a website

If you're just getting started and need pointers on how to make a website, or if you'd like to learn more about the basics involved in creating a website and managing site content, these tutorials are just for you. They'll help you make your way around your website manager and to familiarize yourself with the website builder tools you'll be using.

Create a page with ligns and columns

Make a page using blocks & columns

Use blocks and columns to organize and display your content in a masterful way in this guide.

Add a hypertext link to a page

Learn to quickly add page links. Adding hypertext links helps visitors navigate, and helps search engines to understand what is important in your website.

Add downloadable files to your pages

How to add a downloadable file using the widget, creating a link, or from the visual editor. Three tried and true solutions to display your files for easy access.

Organize the horizontal menu of your site

A helpful tutorial to help you organize your horizontal menu to perfection. Shows you how to link internal and external pages.

Add an image to your page

Add images to your page using the Image widget the visual editor, or an image URL. In this tutorial we walk you through image insertion.

How to take a screenshot?

You do not need a camera to take a picture of your screen. Here is how to capture your screen in less than two minutes.
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Organize the vertical menu of your site

Use this tutorial to organize your website's vertical menu, and create dynamic and easy site navigation. Shows how to add links or widgets to your side menu.

Adding videos to your website

It’s easy to add videos to your website, either by adding ready-made code from a video sharing service or by hosting the file in your site file store.
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Sending website newsletters

Send regular newsletters to highlight your new and important website content. It's easy, quick and - best of all - free.

Locating and copying website file addresses (URLs) in the site manager

This tutorial helps you quickly locate and retrieve the addresses of images and other site files stored in your site manager. Making file linking and sharing easier.
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Create a clear, concise, and practical site

Tips and pitfalls to avoid to create a site that is pleasing to the majority of site visitors based on content, design, and navigation.

Put an image next to text on a page

Page layout made easy, by following this case study and get your text and images side by side with our intuitive website builder case study.
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Choosing and personalizing website design themes

Help picking and editing your website design theme. Personalize the design easily using built-in site design management and personalization tools.
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Add a blog to your homepage

How to incorporate your blog it into your homepage by setting your blog as your homepage or using the helpful blog widgets to display your posts clearly.
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Display a Google map on your website

Add maps to your website using Google maps. Provide essential information to site visitors about the location of your business, school, or enable people to find you easier.

Add and display partner website links on your site

Add partner or sponsor website links, displaying links via a backlink building process to improve your site’s visibility in search engines is easy.
Responsive design

Create a mobile-ready version of your website

This tutorial helps you create a mobile website, the beauty of emyspot is that all websites are mobile ready! Just apply your design and your website can be accessed from anywhere.

Managing website comments

A tutorial to enable site comments and create a relationship with your site visitors. Encourage visitors to return to your site and build website traffic.

Getting started with SEO and search engines

A basic tutorial for referencing your site and SEO. Get help with submitting your website to search engines, back link building, and more...

Add a guestbook to your website

Help with adding a guestbook to your website to let visitors to your site, your customers or clients provide valuable feedback about your site and the services you offer.

Add a music player to your website

Add music to your site for guests to enjoy at their leisure. A tutorial that explains how to add files using the MP3 player widget or adding a file.
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Empty the cache of your web browser

Emptying the cache is the first step to resolving technical issues. This tutorial walks you through the process no matter what web browser you use.

Print your web pages

We have two solutions to make your web pages easy to print for your site visitors.