Locating and copying website file addresses (URLs) in the site manager

Each of the images and other files you add to your site manager, for use in pages on your website, are stored in the File storage space. If you need to use the file on another website, all you need to do is to use its address or URL: here’s how to locate the address of your site’s files.


Locating and retrieving file addresses

To locate the address of a file stored in the site manager, begin by heading to the File storage menu. Choose the Image or File tab, depending on the type of file you’re looking for, then:

Click the file in the explorer window to select it (you can use the search feature if you’ve got a lot of files, and want to locate it quickly)

  • Click the Details button
  • In the pop-up window, click the Insert tab
  • In the first field labelled Direct link (URL), copy the address of the file

You can use the other ready-made file links if you’d like, to add the file link in an external website using HTML or BBcode (the code is already prepared for you, simply copy and paste it).

Retrieve site file url