Enable AdSense to profit from your website

Want to earn money from your website by taking advantage of Google AdSense's advertising revenue? Follow this tutorial to set up advertising on your site in order to make it profitable.

Two different methods will be proposed: one is a simple copy paste code to display advertising easily and quickly (provided you subscribe to the pro version), the other allows you manually insert advertisements where you would like them to.


Google AdSense

Before setting up Google AdSense, it is best to know what you have the right to do, what it is advisable to do but also to know what Google prohibits for broadcasters (ie you).

Some tips:

  • If your site has low traffic (a few tens of visitors per day), it may be better to develop the site and optimize its SEO to attract more people. Since advertising tends to scare the visitor, it would be a shame to lose a significant part of your visitors because of an advertising that may not be profitable since, due to the low number of visitors, the click rate would be also very weak.
  • Advertising should not be too intrusive, ie it should not interfere with the visitor's navigation. Once again this will tend to make it leak, you may have a few more clicks on the moment, but you will suffer a loss of visitors who will not want to come back to your site.
  • The number of advertisements displayed on your site must be reasonable so that the visitor can find what we are looking for on your site and that he is not drowned in a flood of advertising (plus a site which contains almost nothing but advertisements is prohibited according to our Terms of Use).

Best practices:


First of all, we invite you to read the general terms and conditions of Google AdSense. Please note that any violation of these rules may be irrevocably sanctioned by Google. As a result, you will lose your current revenue and you will no longer be able to run Google ads on your site. We would like to draw your attention to a few points.

  • It is forbidden in any way whatsoever to encourage your visitors to click on the advertisements. Therefore, you can not enter any text saying "Please click on ads to finance the site" or something like that.
  • Also against the general conditions of use of emyspot, the pages that automatically reload (self-refresh) and the self-surfing scripts that are intended to fictitiously increase traffic to your site.
  • The maximum number of ads per page is set to 3, exceeding this number would be a violation of Google's General Terms of Use.

Automatically display ads

To advertise AdSense quickly on your site, you need to subscribe to VersionPLUS wherein you will unlock the Marketing> Monetize column.

You will then have to link it to your AdSense account (the process is detailed in your manager, we will not go over it here). You may choose where you want to display the advertisements.

  • at the top of the site
  • either on the vertical menus
  • on both areas of your site

That is all you need to do, the advertisement will be displayed automatically on your site. You can turn it on and off whenever you want.

Once this is done, you'll have to wait a few minutes for your AdSense ads to appear.


Manually display ads

To advertise AdSense manually, you'll need some knowledge of HTML to place ads where you want.

First, create the ad unit that you want to integrate on your site from your Google AdSense interface. Go to the Ads tab and click New ad unit. A form will allow you to choose the format of the advertisement to display. There will be a list of available formats.

The first three fields to be entered are the most important:

  • Name: this is the name that your ad will have in your Adsense interface. This name is for your internal organization and will not appear on your site but just in the Adsense management interface.
  • Size: this is where you choose the ad format(horizontal banner, square ...).
  • Ad Type: You can choose whether you want text ads or only as "graphic" ads. Image ads/rich media tend to attract more eye and have overall better profitability. However, they are sometimes less well integrated than textual ads on the sites, so it is up to you to see which type suits you best.

Once you have configured your ad unit, click Save and retrieve the code.

Retrieve the code and installit on your website

A window with the javascript code of the advertisement opens. Copy it, this is what will allow you to display your ad wherever you want on your site.

Once your code is copied, you only have to go to your manager and place the code where you want it. You should place this in the editable zones (Settings > Global Settings> Editable Zones), or in a vertical menu (Settings > Menus) or you may even choose to add it to a specific page.

You are free to choose the location of the advertising, as long as you comply with the emyspot and Google Terms of Use.

NB: Be careful, however, if you put the code in a visual editor, you must switch to HTML before, otherwise the code will not work.

Go further

You can do tests to improve the profitability of your site by changing the location of your ads from time to time to see the impacts this may have on your income.