Tutorials on webmarketing and communications

Learning to get out and ensure your website is seen is part of a successful site building strategy. Get the most out of the tools built right into your site manager to guarantee its long-term success.

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Sending website newsletters

Send regular newsletters to highlight your new and important website content. It's easy, quick and - best of all - free.

Creating members-only website content

Create and manage restricted site content with site member accounts. Choose which parts of your website content can be viewed by everyone or which parts are restricted.

Make an online contact form

Add a contact form to your website to obtain information from prospective clients, contacts or other site visitors. How to personalize the contact form.

Add a favicon to your website

Use a favicon to personalize the tab of your site. Choose an image and make your site stand out.

Manage your comments on Disqus

Disqus is a free online service for users to comment in an interactive manner.
Gerer commentaires wide

Manage and activate the comments on your website

Allow users to comment on your content to up user involvement. See here how to activate and manage your comments.
Add agenda

Allow members to add event to your Agenda

With the VersionPlus, you can create a member spot that allows your users to add events to the agenda.

Display the last comments of Disqus

Use the helpful widget and display your conversations on Disqus and get people talking on your site.
Connection members

Add a member sign-in box to your site

Add a widget to your page allowing members to sign-in easily. Add it to a menu or to a page.
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Website URL Blocked Facebook

This tutorial will help you in the case that your site link has been blocked by Facebook. A guide of how to unblock your URL.
Tuto paid member

Create a fee-based member zone

This tutorial walks you through how to set-up paid membership on your site. This feature is only available with a VersionPLUS subscription.
Directory 3

Generate profit from site submissions to your directory

Use this tutorial to enable your paid submission to the directory and up your profits.
Tuto social buttons

Add social buttons to your website

Give your site visitors an easy way to share your content. This tutorial walks you through how to set up your social network plugins.
Share by email

Allow pages to be sent by emai

Encourage your readers to send your content as they wish. Read this tutorial to enable this feature
Paypal 1

Sell Online with PayPal

Follow this tutorial to use the PayPal widget to sell a product or link to your PayPal account,

Enable AdSense to profit from your website

Set up advertising on your site in order to make it profitable.