Drive tableau

Insert a Google table into your website

Wish to integrate a table made with superior table editing skills. Create and insert a table using Google Drive services to create a table with advanced formatting that can be inserted into your website. Thanks to the service "Calc" you can use Google tables on your website.

Of course, you must have a Google account.


Let's go to Google Drive:

At the top right of your screen you can import your existing table created with Excel or OpenCalc, or create your table with Googles servcies. Once you have imported or created the table of your choice you will be able to see your file in the list of files available from the homepage of GoogleDocs.

Add your document to Google Doc

Prepare for export to your website

Open the table that you have imported to Google.

  • Next go to File then Publish on the web.
  • Click on the button Start.
  • In the feild titled Insert a link click Web page web and choose Code HTML. This code it what you will want to copy into your site manager so be sure to copy the code exactly.

For an example the code with look like this :
<iframe width='500' height='300' frameborder='0' src=''></iframe>

  • Once you have copied this code, you will then paste it into your website manager at the desired location.

Now that you have the HTML code of your Google table, you can insert it into the page of your choice.

Thanks to the page builder tool, you can add a block with the HTML Code widget, or access HTML editor by clicking on the button in the top right of the block if using the visual editor.

Paste the code in the block, make sure that you are in HTML. Press save and you will see your table integrated into your website flawlessly.

Insert into your webpage