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Thanks to the intuitive page builder tool make your site easily. Create pages that draw your site visitors in with dynamic content all in one click.

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What is the Page Builder?

Create an illimited number of pages, with ease. You also can easily add texts, add photos, add videos, and many other widgets to make your pages dynamic and class.

Thanks to the multiple formatting options of the page builder tool creating and displaying content was never as fun or simple. Discover all the options that will allow to create advanced pages and make them more visible.

Create an infinite number of pages

In the FreeVersion of our online CMS, you can create as many pages as you wish. You will never be limited, and your site can grow without restriction.

The content explorer makes organizing site files, pages and other content as easy as organizing files on your Mac or PC. To make the organisation and the navigation of your pages clear, you make page categories (from which a hierarchy can be created, with sub-categories, to create a coherent site structure).

Organizing pages and categories becomes as easy as drag'n drop (all actions can be done by dragging and dropping the title: moving a page, getting rid of a page, reordering...).

Infinite Pages


The Page Builder tool

Create complex content-rich pages easily with the innovative page builder tool: edit text, add images, files, and videos. Thanks to the page builder you can also easily format your content by adding lines and columns.

Make a web page that appeals to visitors with interactive and rich content: add Google maps, MP3 and video players, slideshows and more with our hundreds of widgets in just a few clicks.

You can easily create Pages reserved for site members only or create pages in multiple languages

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Restrict access to site members only

Do you wish to create pages with restricted access? Your website can contain public pages and private pages. This is ideal for an association or club.

It is also possible to block content access by adding a password protection or allowing access to site members only (or groups of site members).

This can be done in one click!

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Security ems
Commentaires, notes et partages

Comments, Ratings, Likes, and Shares

To enrich your pages and increase visitor interaction on your site, give visitors the option to participate and leave their opinion.

Propose the option to leave a comment, give a rating, or share your site on social medias.

Enabling visitor content while you keep control of your site content while opening your site to visitor participation.

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SEO Google

Your site is optimised for Google

Your site will be designed from the word go to appeal to search engines like Google. That’s just one of the benefits of using a tool designed by an experienced SEO team. All you need to do is focus on adding content – our automatic site optimization tools will take care of the rest for you.

You don’t need to know anything about optimizing your site for search engines – every time you add site content, it’s automatically optimized to ensure maximal visibility in search engines.

If you already know your way around search engine optimization techniques, you can edit your site SEO any way you’d like, and manage power-SEO features like 301 redirections right from the site manager.

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Translate icon

Translate pages in multiple languages

Create pages in multiple languages becomes childs play! After activating the option to create a multi-language site, you will have access to multiple language tabs that will allow you to simultaneously edit the same content in the languages you have chosen!

If you don't wish to have certain content translated, then don't: You decide! It will appear only on the pages you have chosen. You can enable and disable this option at any moment.

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Discover all the free website builder tools

You can not only create pages easily but you can create a blog, make an e-commerce site, add things like a directory or forum to exchange with your visitors, keep an online agenda, manage your photo albums or videos, and let visitors leave feedback and comments on your pages and photos etc.

We've made it easy - and fun - to create a website that's interactive.

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