Responsive design

Create a mobile-ready version of your website

Your website is ready-to-view on browsers big and small, from desktops to smartphones, no matter which design you’ve applied to your site. If you’d like to enable a mobile-specific version of your website design for display on mobile browsers on smartphones and tablets, it only takes a couple of clicks.


Accessing and viewing your mobile website

Each version of your website has its own address. The regular version of your website remains accessible at its current address (like when you enable the mobile-ready version of your site.

You can access the mobile version of your website in two ways:

  • From a mobile device, enter the current site address. The kind of device you’re using to access the site will be used to automatically propose the site in the version best-suited to that device, and you’ll be redirected to the mobile address of your website (like
  • From a regular browser, enter the mobile address of your website (like

When viewing the mobile version of your website, you can access the regular version of your site at any time via the link at the bottom of every page.

Good to know

  • Site navigation is managed automatically for mobile-versions of sites, with content links displayed in the top menu, and links to the site add-ons only in the bottom menu
  • If you’ve enabled the Store add-on, account and cart links will also be added automatically to both top and bottom menus
  • Multi-language websites display language selection links at the bottom left of the mobile version of the website
  • To include personalized links to other site content, like the member area, or external pages, add them to the mobile site bottom editable zone, under the Settings > Global settings > Mobile access menu of your site manager
  • Add CSS to personalize your mobile website design at the bottom of the mobile site design personalization page - any CSS added to your mobile site theme will only be applied to your mobile website (and any CSS added to the bottom of the regular site design page won't affect your mobile website design).