How to personalize the design of your website

A series of tutorials to help you personalize your website design. When you create a website, it's just as important to ensure your site pages and their content don't go unnoticed. Paying attention to the design of your website helps visitors appreciate (and find) the content you've taken time to publish on your site.

Personnaliser son site web
Design 1

Create a clear, concise, and practical site

Tips and pitfalls to avoid to create a site that is pleasing to the majority of site visitors based on content, design, and navigation.
Design 1

Choosing and personalizing website design themes

Help picking and editing your website design theme. Personalize the design easily using built-in site design management and personalization tools.
Picto carrousel

Add a slideshow to a page of your website

It’s easy to add image slideshows to pages of your website. In just a few clicks show off your images. The how and where's of inserting a slideshow.

Using web fonts to personalize your site design

Add web fonts and apply them to your site. Using a web font of your choice ensures that visitors will view your text as you designed it.
Use menu layout

Using website menu templates

Creating and applying menu templates to different sections of website content, or to individual pages, ensures your site navigation is adapted to each page.

Add a favicon to your website

Use a favicon to personalize the tab of your site. Choose an image and make your site stand out.
Responsive design

Create a mobile-ready version of your website

This tutorial helps you create a mobile website, the beauty of emyspot is that all websites are mobile ready! Just apply your design and your website can be accessed from anywhere.
Anchor menu

Use page anchors in your vertical or horizontal menus

Ensure easy and clear navigation and create a menu with anchor links. Follow this tutorial to create a flawless one-page website menu or integrate an anchor menu into longer pages
Img personalise

Personalise the image style

Display images with personalised styles, make your own or use the presets. Rounded corners, round, or polaroid.
Personalise pages

Personalize the page styles

Find out how to use the styles to add clear formatting to your page design.