Go further with the E-commerce offer

As soon as you activate your free online store, you already can sell your products online, being able to manage your orders through every step of the process, purchases to accounting and after sale services.

E-commerce Pro

If you wish to publish more products in your online store (the FreeVersion and publish up to 5 products at the same times) sell your downloadable products (downloadable files, when selling PDF or e-books, MP3 etc) or take advantage of your online store with superior marketing skills, subscribe to the offer E-COMMERCE.

The complete version of the e-commerce add-on allows you to :

  • publish an unlimited amount of products online (opposed to 5 on the FreeVersion)
  • illustrate each product with as many photos as desired (opposed to one image in the FreeVersion)
  • illustrate each combination of the product with its own image
  • sell digital products (PDF, MP3 ...)
  • create discount codes
  • attribute exclusive privileges such as exclusive reductions, VIP clients

At 140£ per year, the E-COMMERCE version is an easy way to up your sales of your online store for a low cost.

As soon as you activate the subscription, the features are immediately available from the site manager of your online store, complimenting the FreeVersion perfectly.

All the advantages of the e-commerce store