Book a hotel room

The booking add-on allows tourism professionals to propose rentals for a week, a day or a night. With this online booking tool, it is easy to create a hotel website and offer guests to book one or more nights in an establishment. As with all hotels, it is possible to offer additional options for a fee and charge different rates depending on the period.

Luxe room example


The Hotel Marga in London has set up an online reservation system on its website. Guests can book one or more nights and pay a deposit online (50% of the price of the reservation). The hotel is composed of 40 double rooms, of different standing: luxury and classic! There are 25 classic rooms and 15 luxury rooms. To book a night in a classic room costs 75€ during the week and 85€ the weekend. The night in a luxury room costs 100€ on weekdays, 110 € on weekends. During the Christmas market, the hotel displays higher prices (between 15 November and 15 January, 20% surcharge).

Enable the booking option

To activate the booking add-on go to Add-ons > Manage Add-ons. Choose the booking add-on and click enable. Choose the option rental property of equipment. Then click Add a rental. This will ensure that the add-on is preconfigured for rental by night/day.

Create a rental by type of standing

This hotel is composed of 40 rooms with two types of rooms. There will be two rentals to create. Remember, in the scenario there are 25 classic rooms and 15 luxury rooms. We will, therefore, create a luxury room rental and a classic room rental.


Define your rental details

In Add-ons > Booking, select the rental and then add the details to the Information tab.

  • Add a description to describe the room as accurately as possible. This text will appear on the site above the availability calendar of the room

Description luxe rooms

  • Number° of simultaneous bookings allowed: This corresponds to the number of times the same type of room can be booked. In the scenario, there are 15 luxury rooms. So we want to define that 15 simultaneous bookings are allowed.

Simultaneous bookings hotel

  • Booking mode and type: The mode and type of booking for this hotel is done nightly, so the settings are ticked to ensure that guests book nightly. A hotel, in general, operates every night of the week. This is the case of Hotel Mogador.

Define booking type hotel 1

Pricing: This is to inform potential guests of the base price of the room. Do not try to inform the price variation according to the days or the seasons. We will see this in the following sections. Depending on the scenario, the luxury rooms base cost is 100€ per night.

Add photos

Do not add photos directly in the appointment description field. Use the Photos tab. Add photos in your storage or upload them from your desktop. In the free version of the reservation module, you can add one photo. By subscribing to the BookingPRO offer, you can add an unlimited number of photos.

For more details, we invite you to go to the section of the guide dedicated to adding images to booking.

Vary the price based on specific dates or not

In our scenario above, the price on the weekend is higher than the price of the room on weekdays. From Friday Sunday, the room costs 110 € instead of 100 €. This is defined by creating periods.

To add special days and to vary the value of a room (either in value or in percentage), go to the Periods tab. At the bottom of this page, in the Special Days section, click define. For each special day, check the appropriate box and enter a number (in value or percentage) to increase or decrease the base price. The label will be displayed on the availability calendar to explain the price change.

Special days hotel

Special day price

Vary the prices during specific periods

During the Christmas market, the hotel becomes very busy and rooms book up fast. Thus from the 15th of November to 15th of January there is a 20% surcharge for all rooms.

To define a period, go to the booking add-on and select the rental location that you want to add a period to, Rental > Periods and click add a period.

Add a period

Define period

For more details about defining pricing periods, we invite you to go to the section of the guide Define rental periods

Set-up the down payment

In our scenario above, to finalize a reservation the customer must pay a deposit corresponding to 50% of the amount of the reservation. In Add-ons > Booking > Settings > Preferences, select deposit then enter 50%. To add the means of payment, go to Add-ons > Booking > Settings > Payment types. The hotel allows its guests to pay by credit, check, bank transfer or PayPal.


Payment types by default

To learn more about setting up a deposit and payment types, we invite you to read the tutorial Online payments.

Create a hotel website with an online booking system

Wishing to create a hotel site with an online booking system? We invite you to activate the booking add-on for free from your manager. If you only offer one rental type, you can use the booking add-on for free (no time limit). If you want to benefit from a complete tool, go further with the booking add-on (offer several types of rooms and payment online), we invite you to discover the offer BookingPro.