Manage bookings

Discover the booking dashboard perfected to manage all bookings from your website manager in Add-ons > Bookings > Bookings. From the bookings dashbaord you have multiple tools to validate or modify a booking, manage your schedule and consult statistics related to your booking activity.

A search engine to go to the booking you want when you need

Bookings booking

The search engine allows you to sort the display bookings by filters (date of booking, date of stay, location, status etc. etc). Without having to look through the calendar you can know at any time whether your rental is available for booking, add bookings, or find an unpaid booking.

To access your search engine, go to Add-ons > Bookings > Bookings then click on the Search tab.

A calendar to see your bookings in a glance

In order to help you better manage your booking, we offer you a booking display in the form of a calendar. To access your calendar, click Add-ons > Booking > Bookings > Calendar.

Thanks to the two easily identified colors, you will easily find on this calendar the confirmed reservations and the reservations awaiting confirmation (it is possible to filter the reservations by rental). Once booked essential information is displayed like the customer's contact details, the period, the amount already set etc.. From the calendar you can access the details of each booking by clicking on it.

The list of up-to-date bookings with key details

In Add-ons > Bookings > Bookings, you will find at the bottom of the page a summary table showing the main information of each booking (date of booking request, booking status, price, amount already cashed etc.) As well as important statistics that will help you make marketing decisions and take account of your bookings in a glance.

Confirm or edit bookings

To confirm a booking from your manager, go to the Bookings tab and go to the list of boookings at the bottom of the page. Click on Details to access the booking. Switch the status of your booking to paid and/or confirmed.

From this form you can also edit other booking details like, client info or add a note to the booking.

Keep your bookings all in one place: Add a booking yourself.

Thanks to the online booking module, your website manager allows you to present your rental locations and allow users to book online. But this is not the only way for you to accept bookings. If you accept bookings by phone or mail, you should add these bookings to update the availability on your online schedule, as well as have every booking in one organized spot.

You can add a booking directly from the manager. To do this, go to Add-ons > Booking > Bookings then click on Add a booking. Choose which rental you wish to add a booking and then fill in the booking form. By checking the Confirmed box, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you specified in the customer's contact information and the time period will be unavailable when booking on your site.

The booking dashboard for information at a glance

When in the manager, each add-on has it's own dashboard, the booking add-on dashboard includes helpful data about your bookings. This dashboard provides a quick overview of the last bookings made. It also shows you the bookings of the day, the day before or the month and allows you to directly access the list of all bookings or schedule.