Expand the potential of your site

emyspot is free, now and forever, hosting is included. The subscriptions work together seamlessly, combining flawlessly to make your site more professional or better oriented to your specific projects.

The subscriptions : pick and choose !

emyspot is free, with no hidden fees. When you sign-up, you have access to the emyspot website builder, a personalized site address .emyspot.com, or which is hosted on our platform. But when you want more, as you need, you can subscribe to the different offers. Each subscription is independent and yet completely compatible with all other offers. The subscriptions are not long-term engagements, you renew from year to year subscriptions.

  • VersionPLUS allows you to rid your site of advertisements that display on your site. You also get 10 times more storage space, a full-featured member space, and other special features in your manager.
  • Domain NamePro gives you the chance to personalize your web address (without the emyspot.com). In addition, you can create up-to 10 email accounts.
  • Store Pro gives you access to specialized tools and features of the Store add-on and create an e-commerce site with an unlimited product number.
  • Booking Pro offers you all the features of the Booking add-on as well as proposing online payment for your rentals.

To consult the details of each offer go to the offers page or look from your manager and clicking on Subscriptions

Combining offers

You can choose to but just the VersionPLUS and/or the Domain Name Pro and/or the Store Pro and/or the Booking Pro. But at any moment you can subscribe to an offer, they all work together or apart, as you want.

Free Website


Making your website is free, forever, with no hidden fees. For no cost and for life, you can create a website

  • an address with .emyspot.com
  • advertisements
  • storage space of 250 Mo



At any moment, you can transform your free website into your showcase website (a personalized URL address, no publicity, ...) You will have a website

  • with a personalized URL address ( .com, .fr, .co.uk, .it, etc.)
  • no publicity
  • a larger storage space of 2.5Go
  • exclusive features in the manager



Transform your site into a rental site, at any moment without having to start over or losing content (without advertisements, personalised URL, and all the extra Booking add-ons. Your site will be :

  • with a uniqueURL address (as .com, .fr, . es, etc.)
  • without advertisements
  • extra storage of 2.5Go
  • features exclusive to the manager
  • all the online payment and reservation options online

E-commerce website

Ecommerce copie

Finally, you also have the choice to transform your free site to an e-commerce site (without ads, with a unique URL address, and all the store add-on features). Your site will include :

  • with a personalised addressed (as .com, .fr, .it, etc)
  • without advertisements
  • a storage space of 2.5Go
  • exclusive features in the manager
  • all the online sales and shipping tools with the store add-on