Getting started with emyspot

emyspot is an online CMS, a tool dedicated to building a website. And during all this, you don't need to install anything, (what we call hosting). These services are free, all you need to do is sign-up. everything is easy to modify online, from your manager.

Behind emyspot, there is a team of developers that are constantly improving the services and the tool and also a support team that is here to help at any moment during the process. We will get to that in the Get help portion.

Start guide

Why a starter's guide ?

With the rich and varied features in abundance you can create a developed and powerful site, but getting started can be a challenge. Maybe you have never created a website before, maybe you have never used a CMS, or maybe you are a start-up company and need to get your business started fast? This starters guide introduces how to use the emyspot tools to create your site. We recommend that you start with getting to know the basic notions and definitions to familiarize yourself with the terms used at emyspot.