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Create a travel blog that works for you

On 18/09/2017

The dream is to travel the world, staying in nice hotels with all expenses paid by your blog! That is the dream, and emyspot can give you the tools to make it happen. There are just some first steps that you need to figure out before living the travel blogger lifestyle.

Know what you want to do

Have a clear idea of what you want to do. Don't hesitate to bookmark your favorite travel blogs and note the aspects you like, and the aspects you don't like. Knowing how the best travel bloggers work, what they do behind the scenes, and what works for their readers is critical. Know what you need to do to join the ranks of the best travel bloggers too.


Start spreading your name and ideas. Get feedback and get followers. Try to network with as many bloggers as possible as well, even if they are not blogging on the same topic, the advice they are willing to share can go a long way. With this visibility, reassurance, and recognition your blog will have a much smoother start towards success.

Design and credibility

At emyspot, we give you the necessary blog tool to make a travel blog. With theme perfect designs that can be personalized to the finest detail, you can create a travel blog that site visitors want to visit*. For instant credibility, you should consider getting a personalized domain name and an SSL certificate. This will help the performance of your website in search engines as SSL is a ranking factor. A domain name creates a strong brand identity. The SSL certificate also ensures security.

Unique Brand Identity

This was mentioned above. You will create a brand identity with your personalized domain name. The tricky part is not to choose a name that is too common or used often for other blogs. This will create a strong competition from the beginning and can hold you back. To choose a name make a list of keywords about your specific blog offering and combine with adjectives, but be sure to avoid words like "travel" or "wand". This is a long, and sometimes frustrating process, as you go back to the drawing board numerous times. This is the most important aspect of a successful profitable travel blog.

Mixed media

Use photos. Not just any photos, but jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring photos that make your readers eyes water with passion. As the younger generations are more photo forward, with apps like instagram and snapchat, capture their attention with videos and photos that you can flawlessly integrate into any site. Or even consider getting into the podcast niche so people can listen while they do other activities. To put it simply, don't just limit yourself to text.

Don't make it about money. Make it about people

But the dream? How do I make that happen if I am not worried about the money? This is why people, your readers and hopefully captive interactive audience are the most important aspect of your blog. Investors and advertisers verify that your page performs well and has an active community before they sponsor your blog. A strong audience is what allows you to make money. So keep the people firmly in mind.

*Design personalization can be done from the design form, any additional design CSS can be added but requires advanced CSS and HTML knowledge.