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Store products visibility

Up potential sales with better product suggestion!

If you have a store or e-commerce website on emyspot, you may have already wanted to offer products to customers when they add purchases to the shopping cart. Recently, the developers of emyspot have added a feature that will please you: suggestion of related products when an item is added to the basket.

More about the new update

Suggesting products when adding items to the cart is simple. When you create or modify a product in your shop, you can configure related products. The related products will be displayed in the same pop-up that notifies when a product has been added to the cart. It will, therefore, be possible for the customer to go to the page of suggested products, or even to add the product directly to their order.

To enable this feature:

It takes just a few minutes to set up this new feature. Simply go to Add-ons > Store > Settings> Preferences and then tick the box titled "Display similar products in the added to cart popup". Do not forget to save the changes.

Once done you will need to go into the products of your store and define the similar products. In the settings ensure that you have ticked the Related Products tab, then click the "Add a related product" button. You will see a pop-up window, where you will have to select the product category at the top and then select the products you want to relate to.

Display related procducts in your cart

Check out the result below

Site suggestions of products


  • nadir
    • 1. nadir On 14/04/2017

    please, can you tell me hoe can I build a website like .but also will user-friendly and easily to manage? i have little bit knowledge of WordPress. so need the best suggestion

    Nadir Yaqoob
    • michelle
      • michelleOn 18/04/2017
      Hello Nadir, emyspot is a website builder that grows with you, and we have getting started guides and online support to make sure that our CMS is user-friendly. In order to create a website that has multiple products and categories I recommend you subscribe to the Store Pro to best show off your offers and up sales. Michelle from emyspot
  • Twist
    • 2. Twist On 07/04/2017
    This is great. How do I get the products to be related? I have checked the box but I am not seeing anything come up in the pop-up window?
    • michelle
      • michelleOn 07/04/2017
      Hello Twist, You will want to login to your site manager and define the products from Add-ons > Store and edit the product page. You will then head to the tab Related Products tab, then click the "Add a related product" button. You will see a pop-up window that you can select the products you want to be suggested when consulting or adding this product to your shopping cart. If you need more information contact the support team from your manager and we can help you out. Michelle from emyspot

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