Making an e-commerce site

Do you want to create an online store ? Our website creation manager allows you to integrate e-commerce solutions that are powerful and provide depth to your business. Giving you the tools necessary to succeed in your e-commerce endeavours.

Make an e-commerce Website

How to make an e-commerce site?

As soon you sign-up on emyspot, activate the add-on store. You will be able to create a free e-commerce site: emyspot takes no commision on any sales or profit that you make.

Create an e-commerce site, free just up to five products; With StorePRO you can sell any number of products and benefit from all the marketing tools available. This offer is available without an imposed duration and it is possible to get this offer at any point. So you can wait until you feel good and ready to try the e-commerce solutions

Creating your product catalogue

Make or import a product catalogue for your e-commerce website efficiently, and get your products online in no time. Create product combinations (or product variations) and optimize them for search engine results to ensure your store is a success.

The product catalogue is at the center of your online store. Easy to edit by quickly adding and illustrating products, managing stocks, setting up your store, digital sales and more

 Create a product catalogue

Marketing tools to increase sales

emyspot e-commerce solutions integrates all the useful marketing tools necessary to develop your online store and up sales.

Optimize your store products for great results on search engines like Google, using powerful built-in search engine optimization tools. Fine-tune meta titles, descriptions, keywords, URLs and illustrative page images for social sharing networks like Facebook

 Tools to up sales

Manage clients and orders

Efficiently manage orders with the tools provided and inform clients automatically about the status of their order. The automatic generation of billing or receipts in PDF, export and import of orders by CSV and much more available.

Also, the online ordering process is simple, allowing site visitors to order products easily.

 Managing clients and orders

Payment options for your online store customers

Plenty of e-commerce payment methods.On your e-store, you can enable one or several different payment options for your customers. Enable credit card payments (secured by Paypal) or more traditional payment types, like checks or wire transfer. Set up your store payments to suit your, and your clients', needs and automate the payment process.

 Payment Methods

Automated shipping features from your site to your customer's doorstep

Handling shipping fees for products ordered on your online store is completely automated. You define your shipping zones country by country, according to your shipping companies' fee schedules for precise and accurate delivery fee calculations. Customers simply enter their address, and select their preferred shipping method, for instant calculation or shipping and handling fees.

 Shipping options

Set up a personalized online store

Use the settings of your online store to adapt your website, and your online shopping experience, to your customers. Fine tune your store settings to maximize your sales.

Manage sales tax, fine-tune the homepage, manage manufacturers and suppliers and even more with the e-commerce settings

 Additional store settings

How much does it cost ?

Making a site at emyspot is free, forever ! All of our graphic themes are always available, so get started and you can make an unlimited amount of pages.

Our offers allow access to more powerful features.

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