Create the product catalogue

The product catalogue is the heart of your e-commerce website. Create eye-catching and informative product pages and the editor for your products lets you easily add a description, product photos, the price, stock, the order of product display. If you already have a product catalogue you can import it.

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  • Product : This is what you are going to sell. This can be material products and if you have subscribed to the E-commerce service you can offer immaterial products(for download). A product is placed in a category.
  • Category : a category helps classify and organize products. The category can then have sub-categories. There are no limits to the sub-categories you create.
  • Combinations : each product can be added to a combination, to create different offers around a base product, and the products associated with it based on the use, aspects, or quantities(XS, S, M, L)
  • Attribute : define the attributes that define the combination, for instance the weight, color, size or any other criteria.


To begin adding products by creating categories in the Add-ons > Store > Products and click on New category. Then add your product to the category by clicking New Product and start adding the key information about your product under the tab Product (the other information such as Images, Combinations, Cross Selling, File, and Custom fields are perfect for creating a complete product page, but ONLY AFTER you have created the product).

The key information

  • Name and description : Choose the name of the product and give a short description of the product in this section. This information appears on your site, with the compliment of your illustrative image (which becomes the default image of your product) and the price of the product. As well as the illustrative image you can add other images by clicking on the "Images" tab, as always save before leaving the page.
    Pay attention to the product titles and descriptions to interest customers, but also, if you choose the right keywords you could rank higher on search engines.
  • Price : The sales price including tax : the calculations are done using this price
  • Taxes : There are already default settings (2,1%, 5,5% and 19,6%). You can add other taxes easily by going to Add-ons > Store > Settings > Taxes
  • The purchase price : This price will not appear on your site, it is used for information purposes for you to predict the profit you will turn. This is helpful when using the online store statistics.
  • Weight : This is extremely important if you will be using weight as an indication of shipping fees.
  • Discounts : You can apply reductions on each product, by value or percentage. The calculation will be factored from the Price tax included, so do not include the final price(final price = price tax included - reduction ).
  • Stocks : By default, when you activate your store, out-of-stock purchasing is authorized. So even if out of stock, a product can be purchased. Go to Add-ons > Store > Settings > Preferences, then to the Stocks section. Define whether you will authorize out-of-stock purchasing. This can be defined product by product as well.
  • Other information and References : Once you have completed the key information about a product you can add additional helpful information. For example. if you product has EAN, GTIN, or ISBN search engines can better inform the client.

Once your key information is added, save the page! Only when the product is created can you complete the other sections of the product page editor : Photos, Combinations, Cross-selling, and File.

  • Photos : You can add one photo - if you have the subscribed to the E-commerce than you can add multiple photos.
  • Combinations : You can propose to your client different combinations of products or different attributes. An attribute : Is the characteristic of the product, for example, the color and the size. Ex : color : red, blue, green or a size : S, M, L.

A combination : Is the sum of the product and its attributes and the impact on the product. If you have multiple combinations and you are subscribed to E-commerce, you can add an image to each new combination to better indicate the difference between products.


  • Cross-selling (only available with E-commerce) : You can link similar or complementary products, showing links, images, and texts of the associated products. This helps with navigation and ups sales, promoting other store products instantly. .
  • File - product to be downloaded (only available with E-commerce) : You can sell products that are downloadable after purchase. As soon as the product is created, you can choose when and how long the product is available to the customer.
  • Products are automatically published, with up 5 products on the VersionFree. The E-commerce allows for unlimited product display.
  • Be sure to link your store to your existing account, making it easy to access the store. These links can be integrated into the menu structures (horizontal menu or the vertical menus). You also have an array of widgets that display the store products or the "new" products,
  • These widgets can also be added to your store homepage and can be edited from Add-ons > Store > Settings > Homepage.
  • You can also make your homepage the store front, these changes can be made at Settings > Global Settings > Homepage.