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Creating a one-time event site: Is it really worth it?

On 12/02/2016

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We say Yes!

Making a website has never been easier, thanks to the helpful starter guide and the variety of themes that you can personalize . Creating an event site is a great way to communicate to users your event.

Clearly define what the event is and what your expectations are.


Include important information: agenda, ticketing, and more. Users only need one place to go for everything. Is the event a wedding, a family reunion, a movie night? The possibilities are endless! And as with any site, the purpose needs to be clearly defined.

This is a perfect opportunity to highlight the importance of your event and create buzz.

The buzz factor is extremely important to any event’s success. With interactive options to add videos, charts, surveys or comments, the manner in which you communicate your event is limited only by time.


Time is the only constraint…

As this is a one-time event, time becomes the biggest obstacle. Start early and keep in mind the event’s date to maximize the potential of your event site.

Explore examples of sites that are created for one-time events and get a feel for options that are available.


Source: You are browsing 207 One Page Event Websites One page Event website designs. These are great references for how to provide valuable information while still creating hype (buzz) for the event. See One Page Event Templates.

Take it further.

If you decide to add more events, your existing site is already optimized to manage these new additions. No need to start from scratch!

So make the wise decision and get started!

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