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Internet has changed how we consume

On 14/06/2019

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Consumption patterns have evolved due to the rapid growth of e-commerce and the Internet broadband access.

A few weeks ago, Instagram presented a new feature that allows it's users to purchase products whithout leaving the app. The main goal is to convert this sharing photo app into a shopping tool and facilitate the purchasing process for their users. Before the Shopping on Instagram release, users had to exit the application to complete the purchasing process. Fortunatelly, users can now do it completelly in situ. It is now possible to purchase products from more than 22 different brands on the platform.

Innovations like these shows how the online shopping experience has improved. Today, we want to reflect how online retail sites growth and internet  have transformed the way of consuming.

The importance of user feedback

It is almost impossible to find someone who has not consulted users reviews before finalizing a purchase. End-users and do not shy away from sharing their experience and view about products. These opinions are currently are of the utmost importance for future buyers in their buying journey.

Emyspot advice: Include a section in your product sheets reserved for buyers reviews / opinions. Buyers are grateful when e-merchants are so transparent about their businesses. In your emyspot site enable the Customer Reviews from the manager entering the section Store > Marketing > Customer Reviews. You can also activate comments throughout the website and configure them so they are only seen in the categories or pages you have selected.

Buyers tend to be more sophisticated

Purchasers have more knowledge about the products than ever. Few years ago, it was common for buyers to go to warehouses to be assessed by a sellerman because they ignored all the technical or functional details about the product.

Now buyers tend to be quite careful shoppers, browsing several web sites before making any purchase decision, sometimes even using price comparison tools.
A sophisticated and informed consumer have more detailed level of a product details and price, leaving sellers with no other choice but transparency.

As a seller or service provider you must show more accountability and transparency to your customers, to not deceive them. Provide accurate and detailed information and make it accessible (so no more hidding it in inaccessible pages or writing it in fine print). Customers will no longer run away from your website!

Emyspot advice: Customize the product sheets as much as possible, keep in mind that they must reflect the brand's identity and make your best to make the customer fall in love with your products.

Social networks as a sale trampoline

We started this article by talking about the Instagram new shopping feature. Nowadays social networks are the most important channel to boost sales. Over time, companies have been able to capture the potential of these platforms to promote their products and to transform the behavior of buyers.

Social networks enable impulse shopping. In fact, half of buyers consult social networks during the purchasing process: either to see the uses of the product or to consult other users reviews.

We can, therefore, say that social media have become an indispensable step during the purchasing process. They are an incredible advertising channel.
What we used to see on TV, now we see it on social networks.

If you are selling your products online, then you must be present on social media, but not anyhow...

The digital age has revolutionized the way we buy and how we are related to products. It is also worth mentioning that this revolution has allowed businesses to access tools, platforms and services that give them good material.

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