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Use Pinterest effectively on your website

On 19/06/2019

In Web marketing

If you aim to increase your products online visibility and/or bring more visitors to your website, Pinterest could be of great help.
Pinterest is a social media, which is similar to a "visual-based search engine", that can be very helpful for your daily website traffic. Indeed, this social media platform is known to be a great source of referral traffic, which is why we recommend our users to leverage this social "search engine" to promote their services and products to great effect.

Why Pinterest?

The latest social network statistics say that Pinterest has about 250 million active users worldwide and more than 10,000 recommendations (pins) viewed per day.
For e-merchants, Pinterest is becoming a very strong tool for selling products (especially in the United States).

Pinterest community behaviour is in constant and progressive evolution, they are looking for new purchasing dynamics. It is estimated that approximately one of two users goes to Pinterest before buying a product.
To be mentioned that almost 80% of Pinterest's traffic comes from mobile devices.

Think about it, this "social network of images" can be the perfect tool to present your products or your artwork. Besides, you can do it for free! More reasons to adapt your website desing to all screens!

 What Pinterest will bring to your business?

  • insights to refine your strategy;
  • key opportunities to reach potential new customers;
  • influence social media users’ purchasing decisions;
  • help drive engagement;
  • deep penetration in valuable demographics.


Create a company account on Pinterest

It would be a pity to lose visibility when you can get it for free.
Since 2012, Pinterest allows to create commercial accounts for companies. A specific URL is created with your company's name (instead of using a first and last name, as with personal accounts).

Pinterest was designed to redirect visitors to external sites. Therefore, creating targeted links to your website becomes very easy. You just have to insert a link into a relevant page in all your pins. Make sure this link redirects visitors to your page or to the online store.

The Pinterest search bar plays a key role in the user experience. Including smart keywords in your pin descriptions will make them easy to find you!

Create a professional account at Pinterest

Adjust your website to Pinterest:

  1. Add Pinterest save buttons to your site - We have already implemented the Pinterest Save and Share buttons to your manager, all you have to do now is to add them to your website and allow visitors to Pin your content in one click.
  2. Add images of about 600 pixels wide to every page on your website (or at least with a 1x3 ratio).
  3. Create a Pinterest picture for every post, product or service;
  4. Add the Pinterest Follow button to your site;
  5. Use a Mobile-Responsive design;
  6. Create fast loading pages - optimize the content weight;
  7. Make sure your site content (text, images, etc) are readable on mobile devices.

Show your Pins

Pinterest works like any other social network, this means you have to involve your community. 

Enable comments and messages to chat with your followers and encourage readers to pin or share your articles.

But that's not all! Share the links that lead to your pins on other social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter...) and your profile is going to be seen by more users.

We recomend you to create a Pinterest business account for better visibility. Do you have an Online Store? One more reason to show your products pictures in this social network dedicated to images.

Have you got any tips on using Pinterest for business ? Please leave your comments & questions below or share your thoughts with us.

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