Better your web vocab with the word of Friday!

On 07/10/2016

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Many of the webmasters on emyspot are total beginners with building a website and learning how to use our free website builder tool with all the tools available. From now on you can build your vocabulary and knowledge with the word of Friday, a post that will help you understand technical web terminology.

Alongside the technical support and the multiple avenues to help (especially tutorials, guides, or videos on our youtube channel..) we decided to go even further and help understand web language as time goes on.

As emyspot is used by all kinds of webmasters : beginners to advanced, each user is able to build a complex content rich site with our website builder tool. To make website creation, fun and easy, requires above all an understanding of language that wbemasters are required to know when using the manager.


Each Friday, we will go over in detail a word from the emyspot glossary of a new term that will better your web experiences : url, sidebar, ancre, cookie, cache...

Soon all these terms will be a cinch to understand and building your website will become more enjoyable and your web activities will flourish!

Meet up for the word of Friday, on our Facebook page or the emyspot Twitter account. 

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