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On 05/04/2016

In Terms of Use and User Policies

Securing your website datais one of our priorities, this is why we now offer the SSL certificate for those seeking optimal protection. But before anything else, the basic rule you must follow is to make sure you chose a sufficiently complicated password to protect the email account that links your domain name.

Most of us use weak passwords to log into our email account. Quite obvious passwords such as their own name, their cat's name or their child's date of birth.... Be aware that this kind of password really compromises your email accounts security and thus your website. Indeed, it takes less than five minutes for pirates to hack most weak passwords.

Follow the guide to get a strong password:

  • Define a password that is at least eight characters.
  • Use one of each type of character: letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Use one capital letter and one lowercase letter.
  • If your current password does not follow some of these criteria, we recommend you to change it now.

In addition to this awareness campaign, we will send mails in the days ahead to the webmasters not up to snuff with the new criteria. They will be invited to chose a new password within a fifteen-day period, if not, this one will be automatically changed and given to the webmaster via his manager.

Please know that we will never ask you to communicate your password to us. And we recommend you don't communicate it to anyone.

The webmaster must edit their password or one will be randomly defined and communicated to the website administrator only.

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