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  • What is GDPR and how it will affect your website?

    General Data Protection Regulation is a set of rules that applies to organisations in all EU member-states and has implications for businesses and individuals across Europe, and beyond.

    Within the framework of the new general data protection regulations (GDPR), the emyspot team has made some important changes regarding the personal data of the entire emyspot community.

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  • Google Maps API: Payment charges for third-party applications

    Following the launch of Google Maps Platform and changes to its products, Google has announced its developments for Maps service for professionals, as well as an application of pricing based on Javascript API "calls" effective since 16th of July 2018.

    Since 11th June, Google has been implementing this plan by making Google Maps API only accessible to application developers and publishers that have activated credit card billing and have an API key.

    If you use this service on your website, to display a map or a route, then you are affected by this change.

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  • HTTPS required to use PayPal

    If you use the PayPal feature to sell online through your website, some developments are to be expected due to a major change at PayPal.
    In fact, PayPal will require its users to have an SSL certificate to continue using its online payment services. And this change is effective since 30th June 2018.

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  • Google My Business: New options to optimize your Local SEO

    Google My Business is Google's dedicated tool for the local positioning of businesses. You can use it to provide your customers with information about your business directly from Google and Maps or on Google+ via a description page.

    As with all the services of the Californian brand, it is continuing to evolve. My Business has diversified and now offers new functions which can enhance your company's description page.

    The changes offered to My Business Users include writing and editing an activity description and displaying a list of services.

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  • SSL this Spring for a reduced price!

    Still need to get SSL certification on your website? We have good news, emyspot is offering a special deal to get your website up to SSL security. An SSL connection has become the new standard in website creation.

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  • Google and Firefox decide "everything" is unsafe

    We have been warning you since early 2016 that SSL security and HTTPS encryption was a must. The day has now come where Google and Firefox are marking websites as unsafe if you do not have an HTTPS encryption. emyspot has given you all the tools to ensure that your website is secure and displays as safe when you have subscribed to the domain name subscription and the pack SSL. And we strongly encourage you to invest as changes are coming fast and hard.

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  • Chrome and Firefox prompt you to have https

    Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, the two web giants have announced that they have started tagging sites as "unsafe" if they are not in HTTPS.

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  • A new year for excellence: A newsletter dedicated to improving your website

    The end of a surprising year is upon us. Start the New Year with a fresh resolution towards excellence. Each day of January get an idea to improve your website explained by the emyspot team straight to your inbox. Enjoy the preview below.

    Subscribe to "31 days for excellence"

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  • VersionPLUS Giveaway! Participate now and win

    Let’s start this year off right. No the year didn’t start the 1st of January contrary to common belief ;) Here at emyspot we wanted to do a giveaway as Hanna, our wonderful intern, will be leaving us at the end of the month, and she wanted to leave off her year with giveaway. Of course, we said yes!

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  • Attention Google map users get your API Key now!

    After Google Maps has changed their Terms of Sale, you will now need to indicate an API key in order to display Google maps on your site. Let's see how easy it is to integrate your API key and help your site visitors find out where you are with all the advantages of Google maps !

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  • Why you need to renew your domain name before it expires

    As a good webmaster who wants his website to function in the long run you need to renew your domain name subscription before it expires. Users often find themselves in tricky situation because they did not renew their subscription on time.

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  • 11 good reasons to use emyspot rather than another CMS

    If you have ever googled "how to make website for free" you might have to make a difficult choice. You even might have ended up searching "CSS" on wikipedia. Fortunately we make it easy for you. No need to be an expert or to spend a lot of money to make a successful site with emyspot! Here are 11 good reasons to prove it to you!

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  • Yoohoo! We have that secure https

    We talked about the benefits of having an the https connection on your site in the post three key reasons to unlock the power of https. Security, credibility, and superior SEO. And we told you to get the https on your site in the post coming your way : SSL Security Certificate. Now we have it available on the emyspot portal and the manager. Because we believe in our own product!

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  • Service subscriptions now available in the currency of your choice

    Your doomby website comes with a bunch of really great free features built in, so you can make a website without needing to spend anything at all. As your website grows, you may want to extend its features to meet your changing needs by adding a domain name, enabling pro website features like site content member access controls or expanding your online store

    Service subscriptions are an affordable way to extend your website, and as each one has its own unique feature-set, you only need subscribe the service you need, when you need it, and for as long as you’d like – there’s no obligation to renew a service once a subscription expires, so you can add the services your website needs, when it needs them, hassle-free and without any ongoing commitment.

    Image slider widget

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  • Add a slider to your website

    With all the site content explorers now online, it's time for a quick update, and a new feature. One of the most-requested features you've asked for is an image slider, and we're exicted to announce that the new image slider widget is now online (see this page for a couple of examples).

    Image slider widget

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  • Make a mobile website

    The new year is off to a great start, with a brand new online website manager up and running, designed to help you make a website a whole lot more quickly and easily. As we talked about a few weeks ago we’ve also been working on a simple way to help you quickly transform your regular websites to mobile websites. It’s now ready to move into an public beta test, so you can start trying it out on your website from today.

    Mobile website themes

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  • Updated website manager: what’s different?

    Your new site manager comes with some very handy new things, so to make them work optimally there are also a few things that will change. Here’s a quick overview of the changes ahead, so you’ll feel right at home in your new website builder

    simpler navigation

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  • Updated website manager: what’s new?

    As we mentioned last week, the work on the new site manager is progressing at full speed, and before we update your site manager, we’d like to take you on a quick tour so you can familiarize yourself with what’s in store.

    improved site navigation

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  • Coming up: a site manager makeover, and mobile website themes

    We’re working on a lot of different things at the moment, to make it easier to make a website, and to make those websites better than ever. Over the next few weeks (hopefully just in time for the new year), we’ll be releasing a couple of updates that are designed to give your sites a great start to 2013.

    Mobile website themes

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  • WebUser UK review

    WebUser UKFor those of you who call the UK home (or happen to be passing through Heathrow in the next couple of days), check out the latest edition of WebUser UK magazine (dated 20 September 2012) for a review of doomby and 8 other great online website builders. You'll have to hurry though, the next edition is due out in just 2 days from now.

    Nice work, though they managed to get one thing a little wrong (but hey, we're all only human, right?).

    Like the hundreds of other great free website building features, enabling an online store in your doomby site manager takes a couple of clicks, and it's 100% free to publish from one to five products on your online store at any one time.


  • Important: doomby V4 release update

    As we previously announced a few days ago, we're releasing our next version of your site managers and websites next week. We’ve been steadily transferring copies of your websites over to our new servers for the last few weeks in preparation for the release of our next (and very great) version. These copies are updated regularly, each time your sites are edited, or content posted by your site visitors (like comments, forum posts etc.).

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  • Boost your website for our new version

    We're in the mood for celebrating here at doomby, with our next fantastic version due for release next week, September 28. As our way of sharing the love, and for saying "thanks" for being part of what makes doomby everything it is, we're offering existing and new members discounts on domain names and doombyPLUS to help you make a website you'll be proud of.

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  • Make a website, with doombyV4

    Over the last year, the doomby team has been focused on two things: helping our members make a website that’s right for them, and redesigning our website builder from the ground up to help new and existing members create, manage and publish site content in new and exciting ways. With doomby’s second birthday just a few weeks away, we’re putting the finishing touches on the next version of your free website builder: it’ll be online September 28, and it’s our way of celebrating our second birthday with you.

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  • Unleash your website: doomby V4

    We’ve been pretty busy here at doomby over the last few months finishing up work on the next version of our free website builder. One of the key driving forces behind this work has been to help beginners make a website more easily than ever before, by simplifying the layout of menus and unifying website builder tools like the new site content explorer.

    One of the new features of doomby V4 is the new site menu manager, designed to make managing website menus more user-friendly than ever.

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  • Save, trash, and recycle site content: doomby V4

    How many times have you thrown something away, only to regret it later on? If you’re anything like me, the answer to that question is “too many to count”. Website creation – especially when you first begin to make a website - inevitably results in more content than you need, and in way too many hastily deleted pages or files.

    Up until now, that, as they say, was that: a deleted page, image, blog post or other element of your site content was gone for good. Deleting whatever site content you don’t need anymore is a solution to dealing with clutter, but it’s also a very radical, and permanent solution. Too bad if you change your mind later on, that page and those files are gone for good.

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  • Easy site design tools: doomby V4

    Although doomby comes with a wealth of ready-made design themes, one of the easiest ways of ensuring your site stands out from the crowd is to personalize your chosen design template. All the necessary website design tools are built right into the site manager, enabling you to choose colors, borders, fonts and images for your site header and background.

    We’re currently finishing up work on getting the design editor ready for the next version of doomby’s free website builder, and it’s time to take a look at what’s in store.

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  • Supercharge your site’s SEO: doomby V4

    One of the most requested features we receive here at doomby is a website search function. Site searching is particularly useful, it must be said, if you make a website that extends beyond the homepage; you can add tag clouds and menus, but sometimes your visitors like digging around all by themselves to find exactly what they’re looking for.

    We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the best way to help visitors find your sites on search engines, and on ensuring they can easily access your site content, to make doomby even better for your website. Here’s a preview of the result of our hard work, coming up in the next version of your favorite free website builder: supercharged site SEO, with search!

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  • Selective site content access: doomby V4

    People choose to make a website for all kinds of reasons, so website content comes in all shapes and forms. But not everything you publish on your website is destined for viewing by just anyone; that online photo album, for example, might contain some images that you’d really rather not put on public display. And if you’re looking to make a company website, you might prefer not to share details of your next business meeting with people outside the office.

    As doombyPLUS users already know, it’s simple to restrict access to site pages or add-ons, like the Diary, Photo album, Blog or Forum, ensuring only site members can access them, or visitors who have the right password. Selective content access is one of our most-used doombyPLUS features, so we’ve spent time ensuring it’s even better in our next version.

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  • Future-proof your site videos with HTML5

    Adding videos to a website is a great way to engage visitors: it’s a much quicker, easier and more natural way of communicating certain types of content and ideas.

    Unfortunately, web browsers have a hard time dealing with video content. Different video formats and browser technologies mean it’s difficult to make a website with videos function the same way from one browser or device to another. And sometimes, they just don’t work at all.

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  • Onwards and upwards

    Just a quick note today, penned at the end of a busy week. Our servers have outgrown their current home, so they’re off to new and more spacious accommodations. Though they won’t be going far, unfortunately we’ll have to unplug them at some point so sites and managers will be offline for around 2 hours max., sometime between 21:00 GMT Saturday, 19 February and 07:00 GMT 20 February - timed perfectly to catch this weekend's light show, and to get a few hours rest.


    If you catch this weekend's show on camera, post your photos to our Facebook page - we'd love to share them with everyone.

  • Managing site files: doomby V4

    The next version of doomby is not far away, so it’s time to take a look at one of the most visible changes to your free website builder tools you’ll be encountering very soon. One of the most-requested features we’ve been asked for is a way to manage files more flexibly from within the site manager, and we’re happy to deliver!

    In response to your requests, we’ve completely overhauled the way you’ll manage files in the next version of your very own free website maker. The changes will make it even easier to create a website and to manage your site content, with a more user-friendly and intuitive file manager.

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  • Make a multi-language website: doomby v4

    As anyone who went shopping during the holiday season can attest, the world is a pretty busy place filled with a whole lot of people. And whether you’ve decided to create a website for your friends and family, or to make a pro website for your business, chances are your potential site audience is a whole lot bigger than those huddled masses you had to fight with when you went last-minute gift shopping.

    In order to help your website reach as many people as possible, it’s a good idea to ensure your site content is accessible to people who may not all speak the same language as you. We’re currently hard at work ensuring you’ll have everything you need to maximize your site audience. Here’s a sneak peak at one of the great new features coming soon for your doomby website.

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  • Dress up your website for the holiday season

    If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably feeling a little excited at the thought that the holiday season is upon us once again. I put it down to my severely rose-colored memory of childhood Christmases (those creative “memories” gifted by aging). Though there are many occasions each year worthy of celebrating, end-of-year festivities are really my favorite.

    When the holiday mood finally strikes you this year, why not go all out and spread a little seasonal cheer through your personal website or online business? For those looking to get merry on the web, here’s a few ideas to make a website that reflects the true spirit of the season.

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  • Make a multi-user website: doomby v4

    Work is continuing apace on the next version of your favorite free website builder, with the doomby development team currently busy working on preparing a totally new engine to drive your sites and the site manager. When it’s released in the first half of 2012, the new doomby will not only make it easier to make a website than ever before, it’ll also make website development faster, and more flexible.

    Here’s an inside look at one of the up-and-coming changes to your free website builder tools: site accounts.

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  • Easier, more detailed website visitor statistics tools

    One of the great things about making a free website is that you can publish what you need, simply and instantly, to a global audience. Publishing stuff online is a great way to rapidly diffuse content to the widest audience possible, and the kinds of website builder tools available these days mean just about anyone can do it. But what if you went to all that trouble to make a website, and had no way of knowing just how many people actually saw it?

    You’ve always had access to a suite of integrated statistical tools in your doomby website manager. They’re great for keeping track of your visitors, but we thought we could make them even better. Doomby’s new stat tools are just a taste of what’s in store for the doomby website community next year, with our next version steaming ahead and on track for release in the first half of 2011.

    Here’s an overview of the latest updates to your site tools.

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  • iSlideshows for your online photo album

    We’ve been somewhat inspired by our latest recruit Claire to invest a little time in jazzing-up our photo albums lately, and thought that our birthday week would be a great time to introduce you to the latest site updates. As usual, the beneficiaries of all our hard work are those of you who really dig being able to make a website with as little effort as possible (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?). In order to take advantage of the latest addition to our free website builder tools, all you need to do is just apply the new slideshow display directly to your site from the manager.

    Here’s what’s in store for those looking for a new way to display online photos.

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  • Happy birthday doomby – my, how you've grown!

    It's been a busy twelve months, what with feature additions, moves and wildlife spotting. Though it feels like it was only yesterday, 12 months have now come and gone since doomby first hit the spotlight. Yes, it's been a year already since Awelty's leap onto the international stage with the release of our very own homegrown free website builder:

    In that short time, we've passed a lot of milestones, and welcomed a stack of new members into our community. And for those who are wondering whether we're pleased that we've helped even more people, from more countries, to make a free website over the last 12 months? Yes, we are ... but we're only just getting started! Thinking back over the last year, it really has been a busy time here since doomby burst onto the scene. Here are a few of the highlights of doomby’s first year.

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  • Why we do what we do: the “feeling”

    You can blame it on the bronchitis, but today I feel like getting all mushy and talk about “the feeling”. It’s been a while since the feeling first hit me, but it happened a couple of months ago, sitting at home thinking about my job. It was one of those weird gushy feelings that you get when you have a real, positive emotional attachment to something, like puppies or your mother (most of the time). At the time, it struck me as odd to have that feeling, given I was thinking about a job that didn’t entail saving forests or wildlife, curing illnesses or feeding the starving masses. And the more I thought about it, the stranger it seemed to feel such a strong, emotional attachment to working for a company whose business is providing others with the tools to make a website.

    Since that day, I’ve thought a lot about why I genuinely love my job. I know that a big part of the reason is that I work with a bunch of people who I really like working with. And it doesn’t hurt that my morning commute takes about as long as it does to read this sentence. But I also think it’s pretty darn neat to help others express themselves, in just about the most public way possible.

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  • Quickfire e-commerce: build on online store fast with easy product imports

    If you've chosen to use the free version of doomby's e-commerce pack to make an online store, then you'll know how easy it is to set up your products with just a few clicks. On the other hand, if you've chosen to subscribe to the full e-commerce pack and get unlimited products for your online shop, then you may find it a lot easier to use a spreadsheet like Excel or Numbers to quickly add information for a large number of products in one go. Or if you are transferring your store from another e-commerce platform, perhaps you already have an existing online store catalog just waiting to be imported.

    Rest easy – you can now import and export products in just a couple of clicks. It's just one of the ways your favorite free website builder has made it even easier to make a website, quick and easy!

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  • Crazy Christmas Gift-giving Madness Takes Planet By Surprise. In October.

    I'll confess that my southern-hemisphere roots often leave me feeling a little perplexed around Christmas time. The December cold and the lack of sunshine of my adopted northern-hemisphere home have little to do with my own memories of Christmas, which for me means BBQs, cold cuts and air conditioning. These days, figuring out just how best to celebrate the holiday season is still somewhat a work in progress.

    This year, my colleagues and I here at doomby - the home of your very own free website builder – have compromised by deciding to celebrate Christmas a little early. As October isn't the right time for secret Santa in the workplace, we thought we'd give you the gifts instead, to help ensure you make a website that's just right for you.

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  • Super slideshows for picture perfect websites

    It's been another busy week here at doomby, with new luxury lodgings for the support team (lucky guys!) and a new team member, Benjamin (aka Ben #2), joining us. Amidst all the excitement, we've still found time to come up with some fantastic new additions to one of our beginner webmasters' all-time favorite add-ons: the Photo Album.

    Some of the feature additions to the album were directly inspired by your feedback – we liked your ideas so much, we just had to make them a reality!

    Amazing? Yes, we very probably are. But we don't like to brag too much, so here's a quick overview of what's new with your favorite free website builder:

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  • Win the war on spam, quick and easy

    Don't let you website get eaten up by spam.Website development can be a whole lot of fun, but does your website management ever get you down? Do you find yourself spending a lot less time these days doing useful stuff with your free website maker than you do cleaning up the messy leftovers of serial spammers? Like most of us, lately you've probably found out a whole lot more about Viagra, online pharmacies, fake watches, handbags and shoes than you'd really care to know. Not that these aren't potentially fascinating topics, it's just that you've probably got more important things to do with your time, like staring at navel lint, doing laundry or checking out the neighborhood wildlife. If it makes you feel a little better, you should know that you're not alone in your suffering: estimates are that around 80% of all emails sent worldwide are spam, and dealing with them has become a multi-billion dollar business.

    Wouldn't it be great if you could manage the spam that starts seeping in when you create a website or make an online shop, via comments posted on your forum or blog, your online store or in web page comments? And wouldn't it be even better if you didn't have to do anything at all to manage spam, and if your website just took care of it all for you?

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  • New free website maker. More magic and features. With extra pretty.

    Monday was a pretty big day at the office. First there were the usual "how was your weekend" and a whole lot of "what, you still don't have an iPhone 4?" to get through. After that, there was the new free website maker (your site manager) to get out the door, or rather up and online. It took the better part of the day (it was heavy) but we finally sent it on it's way, and the consensus at the office is unanimous: we like it ... which isn't that surprising.

    However, if the feedback we've received over the last couple of days is anything to go by, apparently so do you, our member community of beginner webmasters and experienced web designers alike. Well, we're just tickled pink to hear it, and we're all feeling pretty chuffed.

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  • Easy website development: manager update 3

    In this, the third installment of our series exploring the updated doomby site manager, we'll be checking out one of the central pillars of our website builder: the redesigned free website development tools. The changes we've been making have been motivated in large part by a desire to make it easier than ever to make a website. As a result, we've spent a lot of time reworking the general manager layout and the individual menus to ensure you spend less time looking for things and more time getting on with the business of website creation.

    How do we know you're going to find it easier to use doomby's website builder? Because these are changes you've suggested!

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  • Take control of your free website builder: manager update 2

    Work is continuing at a feverish pace on updating doomby's free website maker to bring you a refreshed, revitalized and reworked manager for your website builder ASAP (that'd be next week, providing the coffee keeps flowing). As I mentioned last time, our website builder tools are currently getting a major overhaul to make your website management even easier than before. Today's tour of doomby's new and improved free website builder tools explores the website manager homepage and it's enhanced management and site monitoring feature set: the dashboard.

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  • Navigating free website maker tools: manager update 1

    doomby site manager update 1As I mentioned yesterday, the doomby site manager is undergoing a pretty radical facelift at the moment, in order help you make a website easier than ever before. We also thought it was about time we brought the visual design of your site management and web page builder tools into line with the public doomby website design. Today, we'll take the first of our tours behind the scenes of your updated free website maker tools, to help you familiarize yourself with the new site layout.

    First up: site navigation. As you can see from the screenshot below, your new website manager is radically different (visually) from the current interface. Yet once you've familiarized yourself with the main changes to the menu layout, you'll soon feel right at home.

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  • Make a website easier, faster, and better (with a touch of magic)

    I really have to hand it to Apple, and not just because they have mastered the art of simple and effective website design. Lately, their very excellent marketing team has given me a good run with the word “magical”. I don't think a single day has gone by in the last month that I haven't been reminded of just how “magical” the ordinary can be.

    Bus is on time? Magical. Shirt doesn't need ironing? Magical. Hair that's stopped growing? Magical. Water from a tap, toilets that flush, shoe laces that tie … magical, magical, magical.

    Yes, just like certain advertising execs, I too have a slight tendency to exaggerate things at times (and to overuse already-overused words ...), but I promise you that what follows is no exaggeration: your favorite free website maker is about to undergo a transformation that really is magical*, and will completely change the way you make a website.

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  • Diversify your website video content with Dailymotion

    Get videos, get visitorsIt's been a few weeks since we released the new doomby video gallery, making it even easier to make a website that rocks, complete with your choice of video content. But if you were thinking it just couldn't possibly get any simpler to publish your video content with your favorite free website builder, you're in for a big surprise. Yes, we've got some great news for those of you who aren't fans of YouTube, or are looking to extend their search for jedi cats beyond Google's immediate sphere of influence. You can now import videos and expand your video gallery with content from Dailymotion as well. And if that isn't enough, we've also added a few extras and tweaked some existing elements to make what was already amazing … truly magical.

    In spite of the pretty major hurdle represented by a missing API (apparently it's important), Sid* has came up trumps yet again. The resulting technical triumph means you can now search for and import Dailymotion videos to add to your website, without leaving your site manager.

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  • Freecommerce - how to make a free online store

    It's rare these days that you come across free things online that are genuinely useful. I mean, sure, there's free stuff that's also neat, handy or interesting (like jedi cats). But little of what you'll find online manages to combine usefulness and gratuity, without you running the risk of ending up with a hefty fine, jailed, or both. Unsatisfied with that sad status quo, today's Earth-shattering doomby annoucement is our response. Today, we're giving you something for nothing that will actually make you money, won't see you in jail1, and is super-useful2. Ever since our e-commerce solution came out (you know, the thing you can add to doomby's free website builder to make an e-commerce website that rocks), we've been all like "ohhh" and "awww" (but you hadn't noticed, right?), because we've been really pleased with what we developed. Well, we like it so much that we wanted to share it with everyone. Free. Yes, now everyone can create a website and make an

    online store, and rest soundly knowing it won't cost a dime.

    Call us crazy, but we were partly inspired by the vertiginous drop in the euro, figuring if we didn't make it free, the new peso of the north would soon be at a level where – for the price – we'd practically be giving it away anyway. So that's just what we decided to do.

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  • It's now easier and prettier to make a website

    I'm sure our millions of avid readers would have noticed my absence last week, and have probably been suffering in agony ever since. Sorry for that. But there was a very, very good reason, and as I am now back, you can all breathe a collective sigh of relief (and take down that Facebook vigil). For those of you who've dropped by your favorite free website builder in the last few days, you'll probably already have figured out why – for those who haven't, you soon will.

    In any case, you'll probably all agree that after four months it was time for doomby to get a little dressed-up (inspired, no doubt, by this image from a few weeks back, to aim for bigger and better things) - both to encourage you to strive for webmastering excellence, and to create a website that rocks. So kudos to Pascal and Florian for some really fantastic work on getting the site up and looking great (I knew they had pretty genes in there somewhere ...).

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  • A gift from us to you: discounted domain registration and doombyPLUS

    The gift of giving e-commerceIt could've been the fact that few of us here at doomby actually have any offspring of our own to shower gifts upon (at least, that we know about). Or perhaps it was the … intoxication ... of last weekend's outings. In any case, it doesn't matter because whatever it was, you win. Overwhelmed by the spirit of giving, we've decided to make it cheaper to make a website with all the (Christmas) bells and whistles, and to register a domain name.

    Aren't you lucky?

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  • Happy holidays from doomby (your gift is coming Monday)

    SurpiseJust a quick post this week, as we have something BIG in store for all of you website builders on Monday (so stay tuned!).

    For those lucky enough to be heading off for the holidays (and those even luckier souls who've already left): happy holidays, from all of us here at doomby.

    And I'm sure that, on my way to work this morning, I heard Dearie, Starey and Swifty (the squirrel) wish you a happy holiday too.

  • Things are looking up, for a bright weekend

    The first real taste of autumn has finally hit, and has brought with it a refreshing improvement. Delays? What delays? 

    After some intense scurrying and much hard work by a great team over the past week (yay team!), both the servers and the services are behaving much better.

    Thanks everyone for your patience during the last few days, and have a great weekend.

    P.S. Why not take advantage of the cooler weather to ... I don't know ... make a website, perhaps?

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  • No pain, no gain: a few words and a mea* culpa

    OK, so maybe the forceps left a slight mark after all, which you might just have noticed ...

    Yes, we've been experiencing a few technical glitches and slower access times at certain periods of the day (plus the odd cry for help), but we're well on our way to getting things back to normal so you can get back to the business of website building. And who doesn't stumble at least once while they're growing up? If you think back to when you were a little younger, I'll wager you'll remember a scrape or two. I know I do, and, although my ET BMX is long since gone (I wonder what ever happened to that bike?), I still have the scars on my knee and shin to prove it.

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  • 3 things you can do with doomby

    If you're already wondering “what's a doomby?”, then you should probably read the first post, titled  “What's doomby, and how do I use it to make a website?”. To save you some time, the ultra condensed version of that post is: doomby's a free website builder, and you can use it to make a website (funnily enough). As in, make your own website, about stuff that interests you. For free.

    So what, exactly, can you do with doomby, and how is it going to help you to create a website?

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  • What's a doomby anyway, and how do I use it to make a website?

    I thought about titling the first post of the doomby blog “Happy birthday”, or “In spite of the forceps, our head came our looking OK”. And either would have made an OK title, right?

    Then I suddenly remembered that my illustrious boss (Bossman the younger) had asked me at some point in the (now somewhat distant) past to explain the choice of name now inscribed on this website's birth certificate. He might also have mentioned something about describing what doomby actually is, and how to use it to make a website, but my attention span is not dissimilar to that of a goldfish, so I had to be reminded about that (several times).

    But back to “name choice” bit. As with any good story, there are two versions: the short one and the long one. To summarize the short one (and make it really short): it won the beauty and popularity tests, and was available. 10 words

    Yep, that's short (and makes a lovely post-modern Haiku).

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