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On 20/11/2009

In Web marketing

You choose what clothes to wear before you go out each day, right, just like you chose what colors to use to make your own website? Those choices, I'll wager, were dependent both on the the context and on who you are: different strokes for different folks, and your Sunday best for … whatever you figure is worth it. I've been putting mine on (Sunday best, that is) every morning this week, hoping it would attract Starey and Dearie out into the open. My plan half worked … once (it was Dearie, on Tuesday, for those interested, and yes, she seemed fine).

Now, it may startle you to know that most people's first attempts at “dressing to attract a wild animal's attention” … fail. Startled? I thought so. Indeed, as you might already suspect, there are more effective ways of getting attention.

Sticking with one's own species is a good idea for beginners - Google figured that one out a long time ago and directed their online ads to a human audience. This week we made it easier for you to emulate their success, with an overhaul of your doomby ad management and website promotion tools.

I mean, you decided to make a website for a reason, and you'd really like people to come and see it - question is, how do you get traffic, fast?

Solution: promote your website, and start selling yourself (though not literally). Head to your member zone (Site > Promote your website), where you'll find more information on how to get started with a targeted text ad campaign on the doomby network (title, 3 lines and a link – hmm, sounds familiar ...). It's cheap, as you pay only for the traffic you get (based on clicks). It's quick to setup (think: 2 minutes, from creation to activation) and so easy my mother … might be able to do it (you'll understand my hesitation given my recent disillusion). You can pause your ads any time you'd like during the campaign, and easily track graphical statistics to fine-tune your ad text whenever you'd like.

So go on, start selling yourself. You know you want to.