Automated shipping features from your website to your customer's doorstep

Shipping and handling fees are automatically calculated for products ordered on your online store. Define delivery zones by country, for precise and accurate delivery fee calculations according to your shipping companies' fee schedules. Customers enter their address and select the delivery method of their choice.

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Choose delivery zones

A user-friendly interface makes the creation of delivery zones as simple as point-and-click. Each zone is associated with a range of delivery fees, whether your zone be "England" or the "United States" you are sure to have the necessary tools. Make your customer's purchasing process easy, with clear and concise shipping choices, easy and ready to use.

Propose a variety of carriers and delivery modes.

Create and configure one or several carriers to give your customers the choice of delivery options to suit their needs and budgets, like express shipping, or regular mail. Only those carriers enabled for a client's country will be offered.


Handling and Shipping fees reflect the order

Whether big or small, fragile marked to be handled-with-care, or a rushed delivery emyspot allows you to specify the delivery fees. Associate delivery fees according to total order weight or price. Set optional free delivery thresholds by total order weight or price.

Each carrier can be enabled and configured independently for each delivery zone so that your shipping is compatible to the product

Clear and easy to navigate shipping

During the order process, your client will specify their delivery country. Once their delivery address is entered, they'll know instantly whether you've authorized deliveries to their country and be given an instant quote for the total order cost, including the least expensive carrier for their delivery address.

During the final step of the order, they can then choose from any delivery option matching their address and order.

Gift wrapping

Offer gift wrapping on your online store to enhance sales and increase margins. You can even specify your wrapping materials.