Create emails for your proper Domain Name

This option is part of the offer Domain Name : you can create up to 10 email addresses from which you can receive and send emails. Set up your mail accounts in the manager and then start using your mail service. At emyspot we offer you more : you can configure your emails to your mobile phone or to a message application so that you are notified on your phone or computer !

Make a website


Create an email address

Have a domain name that is your very own, along with unique email addresses is a professional step we encourage you to take.

Create your email addresses is a wonderful alternative to free website service like or

Making your proper email address allows you to respond professionally, to separate different services, and many more advantages


Professional exchanges

Even if you tend to use your personal email address more, you could provide your professional email address to your clients and distributors. Thanks to webmail and its dedicated mail interface, it is easy to redirect mail.

Email addresses for your partners or coworkers

Take advantage of your ten email accounts to create personalized accounts for each section, or team member to better organize responses and cut down on response time. You have 1 GO to help better manage your website communication.


Creating and using your email account ?

You can create 10 email addresses and you have a 1Go of space. To make a new email address, go to your emyspot manager, Settings > Global settings > Domain names.

Once your email address is created, you have the choice to use a message platform to send and receive messages or configure with an existing account, or use webmail.