Create a site connected to social networks

Share your text, photos and videos across the web via social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. When you and your visitors link and share your content across the world wide web, your online reputation grows, attracting more visitors to your site, and building your visibility in search engines.

Make a website


Make Buzz !

Use social networking to get your site noticed, and boost your visitor traffic. Enabling social sharing tools such as Facebook “Like” buttons, Twitter and Google+ features on a page, or your whole site, and get your visitors to spread the word for you. Benefit from over 30 buttons to share Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, or Google+.


Even more

You can promote your facebook page by inserting the useful facebook widget that shows the last news, photos and allow other to follow your movement in one click.

You can also share your content directly from your manager to your website.

Encourage users to share your content adding a recommend button to an article or a page on your site !