Make an RSS feed page

Easily display your site news and updates from your favorite sites and blogs by making your very own RSS news feed aggregator on your website.

Visitors and webmasters can also subscribe to your site RSS feed and get instant updates on your latest posts to your blog.

Make a website

An RSS feed is a special kind of file that is regenerated and updated every time a new addition is made to a blog or website (new post, news items etc.).

This file can be read in a variety of different ways (RSS feed reader, RSS feed aggregator, web browsers etc.) Provide this simple, quick way to follow your website or blog changes and updates. RSS feeds are a really simple way to stay up to date with site news and to broadcast your latest website updates and additions.


Make a webpage and display updates from your favorite websites

You'd like to provide your visitors with the latest news or blog posts from sites that you think will interest them?

Make a website easily and set up an RSS feed aggregator right on your website. Add emyspot's easy-to-use RSS widget to any page and display external RSS feeds right onto your webpage. RSS widgets are automatically updated every time the feed is updated, and the design of the feed blends seamlessly with the rest of your page layout. You can easily configure the number of updates, size of feed entries and other settings to personalize the feed display. Each page can have one or several RSS widgets, in addition to any other page content.


Keep your visitors up-to-date with site news via RSS feeds

By adding external RSS feeds to your own website, you can easily add feeds that match your site theme and will interest your visitors.

You latest blog post RSS feed is automatically created and made available to your site visitors, and your site diary and forum come with RSS feeds too, so regular visitors, site members, and contributors can keep up-to-date in real time.