Make a multi-lingual site

emyspot promotes the easy creation of sites in multiple languages. Ideal for an business site or an e-commerce site wanting to go international !

Make a website


Activate different languages on your site

You can activate different languages on your website, in addition to choosing the principal language. Adding a language is simple, and you can immediately see the content by selecting a language.

You can choose up to 5 different languages out of all the languages.


Establish content in different languages

As soon as you activate multilingual capabilities on your site, at the moment you decide what content to put (web pages, blog posts, or a store product) you can establish the text language by language. The simple-to-use tabs allow you to pass from one language to another.

In addition, it is possible to limit the content you want displayed in a language (perfect for content that is region specific or dialect specific)


Choice of the language for the user

  • On your website, users can choose the language by clicking on the code ISO(The norme ISO 639-1 is the international code for languages, understood by all).
  • For example English corresponds to EN. German corresponds to DE.

Option available for everyone

When making a free site with emyspot, you can activate 2 languages. To activate more, you will need to subscribe to the VersionPLUS.

Automatic website translation

If you do not wish to translate the content yourself, emyspot proposes a widget that will automatically translate your information for you. This widget uses the technology of Google Translate.