Make a guestbook

Make a guestbook to enable your site visitors leave a message about your website or online services.

It's a great way to get valuable feedback on your website, and is especially suited to bed and breakfast websites, association websites or artists' websites. Not only will your visitor and customers enjoy leaving comments, they'll have fun exploring other visitors' comments too.

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Why make a Guestbook ?

Getting feedback from your visitors and customers is easy when you make a guestbook.

The Guestbook add-on is the perfect way to get your visitors opinions on your site content or services. It's also the perfect way to give yourself a free advertising space right on your website - your visitors will love reading what others think about your website, company, products, services, or other site content.

Make a guestbook


It'll take just a few clicks to make a guestbook once you've registered. Just enable the Guestbook add-on from the Add-ons menu.

Start by personalizing the introductory text, and encourage users to share their experiences or reactions when visiting your website. You can also define how to handle comment moderating.

Moderate the messages of your Guestbook


It's up to you to decide how to moderate messages left on you guestbook, and whether you'd like to receive an alert each time a message is posted. To define how to handle comments, just head to the Settings > Global settings > Moderating menu and choose whether to moderate messages and comments left by site visitors: whether you would like to change the spelling or erase a comment completely, emyspot maks it easy.

Show off your Guestbook


Use the widgets that allow you to show off the last messages posted on your guestbook, this can be added to any page or any site menu. Encourage your users to leave their opinions !

Be alerted


If you'd like to receive an alert each time a message is posted, or edit the messages, all this can easily be accomplished. Check over comments before they're published, they'll be offline until you've approved them from the site manager. After they're published, messages will be published immediately.