Design 1Personalize your member registration form

Create a member spot on your internet site and start a community with reserved content just for your users (or your groups of users). You can create member profiles directly from your manager or you can propose a sign in form for your members. Depending on your project or activity, you may need specific information about your members. For this reason, the sign-in form can be specialized.


Default fields vs. extra fields

On the member sign-up form, you can edit the default fields and create new fields. To personalize your sign-up form of your members go to Marketing > Members > Registration Form.

The default fields

The default fields cover the basics (e-mail, name, first name...) and are required for the most part. You can change the name if you wish. Some fields are optional and you can choose to make them obligatory.


Add new fields

By clicking on New field found on the bottom of the chair. For every field, choose the field label, choose the display option, then select the field type whereupon you decide if this is an optional field or a required field.

New feild

The field types available on the registration form

Just as with the creation of a contact form. You have different field type options available to you for your member regristration form .

  • Text Field : a free field where the user can give the text information they choose.
  • Multi-line test field : this is a free field as well, allowing for multiple lines of text.
  • Tic box (confirmation) : allows a user to confirm a suggestion (ex : "I accept the Terms of Sale")
  • Single choice (bubbles) : allows for a single response to a proposed question.
  • Drop-Down menu: lets users choose one option from a list of many.

To create different choices, be it a drop-down menu or a multiple choice field you must define the "possible values". The different options are separated by a colon (;). Here is an example of a form with single-choice question.

Creation of the registration form from the manager

Sample reg form

Registration form displayed on the sign

Actual registration form


  • If you add new fields to the registration form your existing members can add the new requested information from the profile on the site.
  • It is possible to personalize the introduction text (to explain the purpose of registration for instance). To do this, go to Marketing > Members >Settings > Options
  • At registration, you can propose to your future members to subscribe to your newsletter of your website. You can easily activate this feature of the newsletter by going to Marketing > Newsletter > Options and tic the box Subscribe to the newsletter in the personalization of the registration form for the member space.