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Add a forum moderator

A moderator is a member of your forum that has extra rights. A moderator has the responsibility to "keep the peace" and enact the rules set forth by the website admin or owners. This role is easy to enable and will give the moderator the rights below.


Depending on whether you are a site administrator or a moderator, you have different options for moderating the forum detailed in the table below.


Site admin
(via the manager)
Without VersionPLUS Subscription

Site moderator
(via the site)
With VersionPLUS Subscription

Discussion threads

Edit a thread    
Move a thread    
Unpublish a thread    
Delete a thread    
Close a thread    

Thread messages


Create your moderator group

You will first need to ensure that your member is in a moderator group. This is done by going to Marketing > Site members. From this dashboard you will be able to add a member, create a group, and/or assign a member to a group. You will need to create a moderator group, placing yourself and any other member you want to give these rights to into the group. Then you will head to Add-ons > Forum > Options to activate moderation.

Consult the tutorial dedicated to creating a group for further help.

Activate forum moderation

From the menu, Add-ons > Forum > Options tick the box titled Forum moderating. In doing so you can select all the site members or a specific member group that can moderate the Forum.

The moderators can then edit, delete, close, and move messages or threads.

Once you have ticked the box to allow Forum moderating you must select a member group. If you have not yet made a group please follow this tutorial to create a member group.

As always hit save!

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See all the tutorials dedicated to the forum.