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Image forum

Insert an image into a forum message

It is possible to display an image in a forum topic. Yet, this is not the same process as adding an image to other add-ons, the forum uses bbcode. You cannot add an image as you have from the visual editor.

Let's discover how to add a photo using bbcode.


What is the bbcode - definition and use

bbcode is the language that is used to format messages on discussion boards such as forum. This code is used in tag form that allows you to format tags such as [b] for bold [i] italics [u] to underline or [center] but there are also tags to make a hyperlink or display an image in a subject.

Use the bbcode to [b]put text in bold[/b] or [i]in italics[/i] or to [u]underline the text[/u].

If ever you need to add a quote just click the quote button and the tags [quote]where you write your quote[/quote].

To add a link to your post you will click a link and paste in the link [url][/url]

You can use the same method to add an image. The image must already have an image URL that you will then insert in between the image tags [image][/image]

As well as add an emoticon

Lets go into detail about added an image.


Image to a forum

Add an image to the forum

To do this, you must use the [image] or [img] tag

For an image to be visible online, as in a page or forum topic, it must be hosted somewhere.

You will not be able to display an image that is saved only on your computer directly to a forum post. You must first download it to a storage space and then retrieve the address of the image (read: retrieve the address of a file).

Once you have retrieved the address from the image, surround it with [image] and [/ image] tags. Your image will be resized and it will be possible to see the full-size image by clicking on it.

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