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How to create your domain name on emyspot ?

Reserve a domain name for your site to profit from a personalized domain name. We will see together in this tutorial how to reserve a domain name.

If you are still hesitating, think of all the advantages of having a personalized domain name detailed in our blog.


If you already own a domain name and want to use it with emyspot, you will need to complete the transfer process. The tutorial transfer your domain name will walk you through the process.

1. Choose a domain name


While logged into the manager, click on Subscriptions > Domain Name PRO. Within the list of offers you will Order the offer Domain Name Pro. A pop-up will appear in the window, in which you will choose your site's URL address.

By default, the first option is your site name with .com. Personalize your site further by choosing from the multiple extensions (.fr, .com, or .uk) and then click to verify the availability.

A domain name is required, emyspot will check that the domain name is available, that way you can not pay for a name that is unavailable. If the name is available, you will soon be the happy owner of your personalized web URL.


2. Become the owner of your domain name


The verification process completed, you will be asked to complete some key information to creating and registering your domain name. In fact to register your domain name is an anonymous act, each proprietor be it will need to be clearly indicated and you will be displayed is the registration base of Whois.

Please note that emyspot will automatically mask your physical address, email, and the phone number, and will display just that of the name of the person or organisation will be displayed.

For this reason, be attentive when filling in the form.

*Attention some extensions have specific requirements, notably in France.


3. Order the domain name


As soon as you have completed all the necessary details, you just need to finish the order process. The manager displays your offer pages and your domain name pro you will find your receipt. This is where you can edit or renew existing subscriptions and offers.