DirectionAdd and display partner website links on your site

When building a site, it can be useful to develop a network of links to partner websites, display logos and links to sponsor websites or to add links as part of a backlink building strategy. Here are a few basic pointers on adding and displaying site links.


The Links add-on

The Links add-on is designed to make it easy for you to add links to external websites on your website.

  • Each link you add can be published with a banner
  • Their order can be changed by drag and drop to highlight your most important partner site links
  • Like all add-ons, you’ll be guided through the process of adding links in the site manager

Add links to the Links add-on from the Add-ons > Links menu of the site manager (see the first section of this tutorial on adding partner site links for a step-by-step guide).

Displaying partner website links

Whether or not you’d like to add a menu link to the Links add-on, it’s great for managing partner site links that you can use in different ways.

  • Each site you add to the Links add-on can be defined as a “partner website”
  • Once you designate a site as a partner, it’s link will be automatically added to the Partner sites widget
  • Add the Partner sites widget to a page or side menu

Use the Partner sites widget to add partner site links quickly and easily to your side menu.

Adding links to a page

If you’d prefer to add links to site page instead, or in addition to the Links add-on, that’s easy too.

  • Use the visual editor page widget to add links manually to pages
  • Control the layout of your links pages using columns

See these tutorials for more on how to add links to a web page using the visual editor, and adding images to pages on your website (the visual editor makes adding links to text and images very simple).

Adding pre-defined link text

Often, webmasters with whom you’ve organized a sponsorship or link exchange will specify the exact text required to be added to your site.

  • You can use their link text as the title text of partner sites added to the Links add-on or the title text of links added manually to site pages.
  • If you’d prefer to paste the link code given by a partner site as-is, in a side menu, page or site content editable zone (in the site footer for example), simply paste the link HTML code via the HTML button of the relevant visual editor.
  • If you’re adding the link code to a side menu, use the Gadget > Free zone (HTML) widget instead (paste the code as-is, and then save the widget and the menu template).