LaptopAdd downloadable files to your pages

Do you have files that site visitors may want to access? If you wish to propose files to your site visitors (registration forms, music sheets, forms)? You have a storage space of 250Mo with the VersionFree to host your files, and 2500Mo when you have Version Plus.

This tutorial will walk you through how to add a downloadable file to a page of your site.

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Use the storage space to upload your files

From the manager of your website you have a storage space that you can upload files of 15Mo maximum (the accepted extensions are listed below). The storage space allows you to retrieve the web address for your files or to host files that can be inserted into your page (the subject of this tutorial). Now your site visitors will be able to consult your files and download your files to their computer.

List of accepted extensions : 3gp, avi, css, csv, doc, docx, eot, epub, flv, gif, gpx, htm, html, jpeg, jpg, js, mid, mov, mp3, mp4, mpeg, mpg, ods, odt, otf, pdf, png, pps, ppsx, ppt, pptx, rar, rss, rtf, svg, swf, ttf, txt, wav, wmv, woff, xls, xlsx, xml, zip

How to add a file to your page:


Thanks to the page builder tool, you can easily add files to download. There are two methods :

Use the "file" button in the toolbar of the visual editor. This option gives you the possibility to create a link towards a file with a title
Use the widget "Files to download". This widget gives you the option to display the file name, the size, and as well a download link (see below for more info)

Using the widget "Downloadable file"

In the visual editor, click on the widget Downloadable file.

Select the file of your choice from your computer (or in your storage space if already uploaded) then click on Insert.

Advantage : Thanks to widgets and the page builder tool, you can have up to 6 columns and 20 blocks per page. In using the block and column method you can align more than one file to download.

File widget

Using the toolbar

Simply click on the "File" button with the insert line of the visual editor (see the screenshot to the right). Select the file from your computer (or in your storage space) and click on Insert.

This method allows you to insert the file to download into your text line. Tip: another method can be used to find the website address of a file in your storage space and then simply create a hyperlink towards you file (you can link and image to your PDF)

Tool bar