Perfect the category homepage

To create a homepage for a category is a great way to up your website's content and user interaction. You will need to have a basic understanding of the Pages add-on to better use this tutorial.

We would also recommend that you read the guide to page creation to fully understand how to create webpages.


The purpose of a category homepage

By default, a category is given a title and description. It will also create a new deviation to your URL.

Example: represents all the pages that show you how to use emyspot to its fullest with helpful tutorials.

This helps site visitors understand the content of your website, and the content within that category. Your category homepage is a great place to keep your site visitors interested. Highlight key content of the category, or provide a detailed list of the pages included in the category. You can edit the category homepage easily using the same visual editor tools used when creating all your webpages on emyspot.

The tutorial page at emyspot is a category homepage. On our homepage we decided to show a detailed display of the tutorials that can be found within the category using the same widgets that are available to you.

Now that we have seen the purpose of a category homepage, let's see how to create a category homepage.

First step: Create a category

Get started, if you have not already created a category, do so now.

Click and create your category

Second step: create a page

For this, you will need to create a page using the same process as you do for any page. For a reminder of how to create a webpage we recommend this tutorial make a webpage.

Create a new page now

Last step: Define the page as the category homepage

Once you have created the page, you will need to link the category. This is done by editing the category. Find the field titled Display order for category items and choose advanced (replace the content by another..) A drop-down menu appears wherein you can choose the page that you will define as your category homepage.

Define the page of your choice as the category homepage 1