Make a page using blocks & columns

Take a look over our page builder tool. Together, let's see how to create a page, by adding blocks and columns. A quality page layout that shows off your dynamic content.

Watch the emyspot video presenting the advantages of the block and column system. It's easy, it's fun.

Create a Page

Block and columns

1- The block and column concept

To make a new page head to your manager and choose the drop down menu Pages and click on New Page. Below, look at the example of a block composed of three columns. You can add 20 lines divided by six columns on each item. In each block you can add text, images, videos, or any type of content you desire.Bloc page

2 - Add a line

Add a block to insert content.

  • You can specify the title of each block. The title will only appear above the content in the block, for example the (2 - Add a line is the title of this block)
  • You can have up to 20 blocks on a page by clicking Add a block
  • You can change the order of your blocks, click the up or down arrows (vertically).
  • You can easily erase a block by clicking on the red x
  • You can apply designs to your blocks when defining the class and id (advanced option).

Add a block

3 - Add a column

A column is an additional block on a line. You can add up to 6 columns to each line when you click on Add a column.

  • The width of each column can be adjusted (you can easily have one column at 50% and the other two at 25%).
  • A column can easily be moved on the line (horizontally left to right).
  • A column can be erased, in doing so the width is automatically added to the block to the left
  • A column can be refreshed so that you can choose the content you want to put in.

Add a column

Now you know how to add columns and blocks, to better organize the layout of your page. Now discover how to add widgets to each block, and make your content dynamic and interactive.