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Sell products online with PayPal

If you have subscribed to VersionPLUS, you can sell products in pages via Paypal. Unlike the e-commerce solution, this way of selling products does not manage stocks, customers, invoices or postage. You can sell one or more products on a page using the Paypal product widget.

Let's see how to add a Paypal widget to sell a product in a page of your site.


How does it work

The web page builder tool allows you to create dynamic pages by inserting widgets. Reminder: When you create a new page, you can add lines of 1,2 3 4 5 or 6 columns. You can insert a widget in each column, including the PayPal Product widget. So you can easily create pages by presenting multiple products per line. Or one product per line with a block of text and an image block next to it.

When a customer interested in your product clicks on the payment button, he will be directed to a secure PayPal page, mentioning the identity of the seller, or the account name, the product reference, the sale price and a form allowing for payment.

After payment, the user will be returned to a page of your choice.

Generally, webmasters use this page to inform him that his order is taken into account and that the seller (you) will contact him.

There are therefore several steps:

  • The creation a Paypal account 
  • Link your Paypal account and your site
  • Create the redirection page
  • Create the product sales page

First create your Paypal account

You must create or have a Paypal account to be able to sell products via Paypal. You will need to have a merchant account, sometimes referred to as an Integral account on Paypal. This is the default account and it is free.

If you have not already done so, please register. Create your account on Paypal.

Link Paypal to your website

Once your account is created, you must link it to your site in order to use it. In your manager, go to Settings > Global Settings> Paypal. Enter the e-mail address of the PayPal account in the corresponding field.

If you want users to be able to purchase multiple products in a single order, select the PayPal for transaction type option. Otherwise, choose a single product. If you want them to order the same product more than once, select the Change quantities check box. When the user chooses your product, they are directed to Paypal and from there can modify the order, customers cannot edit directly on your website.

Note that emyspot can not access your PayPal banking information even if you specify the name of your account in the manager.

emyspot does not take any percentage of profit on sales made.

Widget settings 1

Create the redirection page

This is the page that your customer will see once the transaction has been completed. This page should not be displayed in your menu, and we recommend you create the page and store it in a category that is not displayed on the site.

Retrieve the URL address of your page.

You must copy and paste the URL of the created page.

To retrieve the address of this redirection page, from your manager: Go to Pages> Manage pages, locate the page and click on view on the site. Select the address, right-click and copy the address.

Redirection page

Create a page to sell your product on your website

Go to Pages> Add Page. Use the web page builder tool to add rows and columns. On each line, you can display widgets (blocks of text, images, files ... etc).

You can the choose to add your Paypal widget. To put a product on sale, click on Other widgets > Product PayPal and then define and fill in the various product information. You must copy and paste the redirection URL in this window.

In our illustrated example, we used 3 widgets:

  • The PayPal widget to sell the product
  • The image widget to illustrate the product
  • The visual editor widget to describe it

You can present your products as you wish! All you need to do is save the page and test your Paypal widget.

Product page